Sperasoft works on the creation of a completely new IP—Shrapnel

Sperasoft, a leading game development company and part of Keywords studios, is proud to finally unveil its collaboration with Neon Machine on crafting the most ambitious new blockchain-related extraction FPS called Shrapnel.
Sperasoft’s co- development expertise is being utilized to ensure that players receive an unparalleled gaming experience leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Shrapnel, conceived by Neon Machine, boasts a competitive AAA first- person shooter experience, featuring extraction systems and skill-based gameplay that transports players to a futuristic Earth scattered with rare fragments of the Moon, called Sigma. The pursuit of these fragments ignites fierce competition among various factions, troops, organizations, and even governments.

Neon Machine and Sperasoft have worked closely to construct an expansive, never-before-seen sci-fi world set in the Earth of 2044. This world is filled with unique situations and stories that unfold for each player during the exploration process. A significant portion of Sperasoft’s internal studios are devoted to developing this ambitious project, contributing expertise from game design to level art, and providing engineering solutions for implementing new features in Unreal Engine 5, including Lumen (dynamic global illumination and reflections system), Nanite
(virtualized geometry system) and Niagara (VFX system). “Shrapnel is an incredibly ambitious project that requires a high level of expertise to bring to market. Sperasoft delivers that expertise and continues to be instrumental as we scale production to hit our dates at quality. Even in our Early Access phase, we are winning awards, growing our community, and delivering on our promise of a AAA experience. Sperasoft is, and will continue to be, a critical partner on the continued path to success for Shrapnel,” said David Johnson,Shrapnel’s Executive Producer.

The Sperasoft Belgrade studio, renowned for its expertise in creating AAA shooters and maintaining live services for major franchises, plays a crucial role in crafting Shrapnel. Leveraging their extensive experience, the team is dedicated to delivering an unforgettable and immersive gunplay experience. “Shrapnel by Neon Machine Inc is poised to be a game-changer, offering players a fusion of high-quality gaming, cutting-edge technologies, and a dynamically unique world. Sperasoft is committed to leveraging our 20 years of expertise in crafting shooters to deliver Shrapnel to FPS fans worldwide,” said Denis Larkin, Sperasoft’s Chief Operating Officer.