Annual report

Without the relevant data, it is impossible to monitor the growth and development of any sector. That is why we have decided to start publishing our own annual report on the state of the gaming industry in Serbia, since the very beginning of our activities as an association. Based on a detailed questionnaire filled out by our members, every year we come up with the latest information and relevant statistics that map the development of our ecosystem. We are extremely glad to see stable growth from year to year and to be able to follow the trends based on real data.


Behind us is a year full of great changes. No other country’s gaming industry has ever seen employment growth of 98%. We explain how this happened in Serbia, as well as all other relevant and important information, in a new report. The data shows that we are resilient to challenges, expanding the ecosystem and all that it has to offer.


Download the latest SGA report on the Serbian gaming industry! In the course of 2022, we saw growth in all the parameters we monitor. A record number of new games have been released, with almost 100 currently in development. Over 300 new positions will be opened, and the 15 most successful companies generated 10% more revenue than the previous year. All the data, as well as a number of expert texts on the ecosystem, can be found in the entire report.


Another year in the gaming industry of Serbia was marked by growth. In addition to increased total revenues, the number of employees also grew, as did the number of active companies and studios. The ecosystem will need a record number of new talents, and there is something new in the field of education as well. The largest number of expert articles and interviews are available, which additionally explain all the great news and changes that marked the year 2021.


In addition to regular information on the state of the industry, portfolios of our members and their projects as well as information on education, we have enriched this latest report with information on some of the largest projects and programs we have introduced. How we built our Discord community, and what our international program Playing Narratives or Shift 2 Games series are all about. We have dedicated a significant part to stories about the great successes of small teams. Also, for the first time, we have presented the trends in the development of our ecosystems over the past four years.


The second SGA annual report on the state of the gaming industry in Serbia was marked by the story of the arrival of big players on the local scene. Several significant acquisitions have shaken the market and proved that the demand for our talent is justified. The report showed growth of the industry in several categories, but what pleased us the most was the strong jump in the number of employees and new open positions. You can also read more than 10 articles by leading experts, as well as a list of educational institutions that currently offer education in the field of gaming.


Our first annual report on the Serbian gaming industry was the first project of this type in our region, and the first comprehensive research on our growing gaming ecosystem. We wanted to present a publication that will clearly show all relevant industry participants, stakeholders and decision makers, where the ecosystem currently is – and what are its potentials. In addition to statistics, we have included information about all our members, events, education, as well as the reasons why Serbia is the right place to invest in gaming startups.