Novi Sad

3Lateral develops innovative technologies that enable digitization of human appearance and motion at an unprecedented level of realism. They cover a full set of solutions for human digitalization – from 3D and 4D face and body data capture infrastructure, data processing and compression algorithms, PBR data extraction and articulation through models.


Yboga’s title Dream Hospital has recorded over 5 million downloads and was well received by the audience. All of this is made possible with the in-house developed technology. They plan to keep the further improvement of their technology and studio as a whole. They are working on a new exciting product, continuing in the direction they initially set.


tinyBuild makes video games, since 2011! They started as an indie game developer and morphed into a developer publisher you can’t miss. Their dedication to creating long-term partnerships and elevating recognizable franchises has resulted in many successful collaborations with talented developers from all over the world.

Two Desperados

Player-centric, led by innovation and focused on creating entertaining moments and memorable experiences, Two Desperados is developing its AI research department at a fast pace. Well known for creating #1 marble shooter games – Woka Woka and Viola’s Quest – they’ve hit the number of 30 million players worldwide. All made by a dedicated, passionate team.

Playstudios Europe

PLAYSTUDIOS is a leader in the field of social gaming. They develop a revolutionary social gaming platform aimed at reshaping the way people from all segments play online. Their office in Belgrade is full of talented engineers, game designers, and other leaders working together to change the face of social gaming! They have more things planned.

Ubisoft Belgrade

Ubisoft is one of the leaders in entertainment. Their Belgrade studio focuses on strengthening Ubisoft’s presence on multiple platforms – PC, console, and Google Stadia. Their studio has contributed to multiple triple AAA titles, including Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, Steep, The Crew 2, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Skull&Bones and Riders Republic.


Nordeus is an independent gaming company. Today, it employs 180 people from across 20 countries and is best known for Top Eleven – the world’s most successful mobile sports game with over 230 million registered users globally. Since then Nordeus has successfully launched Golden Boot, a free-kick flick game, and Heroic – Magic Duel, a fast-paced PvP.

Novi Sad

Playrix RS is a casual F2P mobile games development studio and a part of the global Playrix group – one of the world’s largest casual mobile gaming companies and creators of Gardenscapes, Homescapes, Township, and Fishdom. Playrix games have been in the Top 50 Grossing Apps on Google Play and App Store platforms since their appearance on the market.


Sperasoft is a leading game co-development company headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley. They work closely with their partners to deliver high-quality titles for world-class publishers. Sperasoft is a part of Keywords studios – international technical and creative services provider to the global video games industry and beyond.


Best known for its World of Tanks, World of Warships, and World of Warplanes franchises, Wargaming boasts 25 years of experience in the sector and has 16 offices around the world. The company is also committed to giving back to the community and making a positive impact on the world, having established a number of initiatives to support education, technology, and the arts.


MY.GAMES is a leading European publisher and developer headquartered in Amsterdam, with over one billion registered users worldwide. The company develops for mobile, PС, and consoles, with many notable games such as War Robots, Hustle Castle, Rush Royale, Left to Survive, and others. MY.GAMES unites over a dozen development studios with a strong team of specialists operating from across the globe.

Fortuna E-sports

Fortuna Esports is the regional leader in esports. They handle event organization, studio and video production as well as TV and online streaming for international tournaments. They are the first regional broadcaster to acquire rights for premium esports content with the Riot Games’ LoL Esports tournament circuit, Dota 2 The International and CS:GO Majors.


Triplets Adventures

Mama approved gaming. Creating educational games and digital content approved by moms and fun for kids.

Novi Sad

Allcorrect has been producing top-tier content for video games since 2008. From juicy 2D and 3D graphics to creative text localizations and believable voice-overs.


Since there was no proper quiz game, they decided to make an interesting multiplayer trivia game. Slagalica soon became the number one game in the region.

Flat Hill Games

Flat Hill Games is an indie game development studio, specializing in the fascinating world of virtual reality. Formed in June 2018 by professionals from the gaming industry, the studio’s mission is to craft exceptional games specifically designed for VR platforms. The studio’s first title, Clash of Chefs VR, was published on all major VR platforms with great success. At Flat Hill Games, we’re excited to continue our journey in VR, driven by passion and a dedication to excellence.

Tender Troupe
Novi Sad

A troupe of veteran game developers bringing high-quality polished games: time management sims and fantasy RPGs. Designed with a mature player in mind.


PixQuake is a game-developing studio from Belgrade, Serbia, creating casual games of various genres, enjoyed by players globally.

Hora Games
Novi Sad

With our project Crypto Idle Miner, we explore the implementation of blockchain technology in gaming with success! CIM has over 250.000 downloads.

A small family team, behind Click to Nailz game, currently working on a horror co-op game. They are aiming to revive the games with new mechanics and newest technologies.
Cofa Games

COFA Games is an independent studio working on Awakening of Heroes, an objective-based mobile MOBA game. AoH has been awarded multiple times.

Studio Bedem

Studio Bedem is an indie studio from Belgrade. They are currently working on their first game – Swords & Hexes. It’s an Unreal Engine-based, hex-based strategy board game that combines classic board games with base building and resource management.

Digital Ronin

Digital Ronin is a small indie team from Belgrade, with only two members so far. They are currently in the process of developing a board game based on chess mechanics.

Stygian Software

Stygian Software is a small indie company that develops old-school isometric turn-based RPGs. Ever heard of Underrail? They are proud creators of that project.

Centroid Motion Capture

For almost 20 years they have been working on motion capture post-production. Additionally, they offer motion capture recording services and recording with the Xsens MoCap system.

GameBiz Consulting

They provide services that enable their clients to accomplish all their goals, with decades of experience in creating, publishing and monetizing video games.

Art Bully Productions

Art Bully Production is an outsourcing studio that creates 2D i 3D Art for some of the most famous AAA games, such as: Call of duty, Fornite, Stray, Aliens Fireteam elite, Marvel Avengers, Godfall, Fallout…


We are a digital products company working with startups from all around the world. As passionate gamers and engineers, we’re exploring how to devote more time to our game development business.

Alset Studio

Alset Studio consists of professionals working in the game industry for many years: concept artists, 3d modelers, illustrators, designers, and programmers.

Case 3D

Case 3D is one of the pioneers in the application of interactive technologies in the architectural and construction industry and one of the few companies in the region that has been recognized by Epic Games as a certified partner for 2023 and 2024! Through the technologies, tools and techniques used in the gaming industry, they want to expand the field of applications and make them available to other industries as well.


Armed Heist has more than 14 million installs on Android and iOS platforms. It is a third-person multiplayer shooter game that gets your heart pumping!

Bohemian Pulp

Bohemian Pulp are indie team dedicated to design games where choices genuinely influence and mold the narrative. They aim to create emotional experiences that leave a lasting impression on players. This is achieved by weaving tales with intricately developed characters set within original IP worlds. These worlds have been nurtured and refined over a decade of engaging in tabletop roleplaying campaigns.

Onyx Studio

International service providing company aimed at the gaming indistry. With offices located in both Belgrade and Singapore, Onyx employs a wide array of (in our honest opinion) talented in-house artists capable of delivering above and beyond on your expectations.


A more innovative platform that automates backend game development, encouraging you to focus on your game, and leave the operational concerns to them.

Package Development DOO

Innovative Game Developers crafting top-tier digital assets for PC, VR, and Mobile markets. Published 3 successful games on Steam, Google Play, and Itch.io.

Digital Arrow
Novi Sad

Digital Arrow studio has a team of talented and ambitious people who give their best to transform their love of video games into something new and unique. They are most proud of their title Aquanox: Deep Descent.

Oox Limited

Oox Limited is a 8 team member, dedicated creating high-quality games that provide endless fun and challenges.

Demagog Studio

Demagog Studio creates digital content for a generation that will live to witness the end times. Best known for the Apple-featured game Golf Club: Wasteland.

Digital Asset Tailors

Belgrade studio lead by experienced VFX artists, since 2012. working with world well known brands and studios, and that experience are now shaping into high-quality gaming projects.


The Testronic company uses that unique name for all studios around the world, and in Belgrade, they are located at Masarikova 5, in the Beograđanka building. They are in the business of testing video games.

Crater Training Center

Founded for professionals by professionals, their aim is to bridge the gap between academic study and on-the-job practice in the field of computer graphics.

Dreamline Entertainment
Novi Sad

Dreamline Entertainment is a company that deals with 3D environment outsourcing, from modeling and texturing to rigging and engine integration. The team has been working on the official “World Updates” for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. So far they have worked on 5 updates and new ones are in the works.

Lav Games

Lav Games is a development and art outsource company specialized in Environment Art for video games. We provide an end to end support, from concepts, through level design to optimization of the environments in Unreal Engine.

Spring Onion

The studio has made its reputation with its high-end, stylized and realistic animation but is best known for character development and character animations.

Hectic Games

They’re the first community-driven board game studio in the world, and they’re on a mission to shake this industry up. Their vision is to create only the games people will love, and that means massive involvement from the game community itself. As you’ve guessed, things can get quite a bit hectic.

Foxy Voxel
Novi Sad

Experienced game developers published a medieval colony sim/city builder game – Going Medieval. Set in alternate post-apocalyptic medieval Europe.


This leading free-to-play game development and publishing company has 15 years of experience and is headquartered in Cyprus. Their diverse portfolio ranges from casual to midcore games on mobile and web platforms, including titles such as SuperCity, Spring Valley, and Age of Magic. In 2022, they established a hub in Belgrade, where around 90 talented people help develop Playkot’s new and current games.

Capsule Game Studio

What started of as one of the teams involved in the Nordeus Booster program, continued as a passionate project to develop games and stay in the industry.

Watt Studio

Watt Studio has 25 people on the team that came together during the work on the movie “Invasion”. Although motion capture is their expertise, they have also started working on games. Their first game “One Day More” is coming out soon!


Playable and Video Ads for mobile games and apps, with clients like Twitter, King, Machine Zone, Traplight Games, etc. The team is also working on a game.


A team of six, working on an ambitious PC project. We weathered many storms, escaped countless shipwrecks, and switched between many metaphors, to make our game a better one.


We’re a fully functional game development and art outsourcing company providing full turnkey art development. We have three published games.


Matryoshka Games is a developer and publisher of casual games. They strive to create high-quality, entertaining games that will delight millions of players around the world. They create games with simple mechanics. Their games include cooking craze, rescue dash, mega farm, idle mars, farming fever, and cooking live.

Mama Production

We love creating out-of-box ideas and making catchy ads to help our clients grab the audience and ultimately make all the viewers around the globe have fun while watching!

Ingenious Studios

We are a full-cycle game development studio with core strength in Unity development, and a deep understanding of gameplay, game art, and design.


Qube is an art and development studio specializing in complete and engaging visual and game experiences, creating game assets for online, mobile, and console games.

Mad Head Games
Novi Sad

Mad Head Games is a local bootstrapped developer from Belgrade and Novi Sad made up of hard-working, passionate, dedicated dreamers who strongly believe that games have the power to make anyone’s day a little bit more fun and imaginative. In 2020 MHG became a part of Embracer group, where they will continue to develop their projects independently.