PEGI 20 – an anniversary celebration

Maybe you were confused by PEGI 20 in the title. It is not a new age rating in the PEGI system, but a celebration of its 20 years of existence!

PEGI (Pan European Game Information) is a video game rating system used in 38 European countries, supported by the European Commission. The focus of this age rating system is to help parents make informed decisions about the video games their children come into contact with.

Since we recognize how important it is for each game to get a rating for an appropriate age of its players, SGA helped localize the official PEGI website into Serbian in 2021. By doing so, we helped create the main reference point for all video game manufacturers in Serbia who want to go through the process of obtaining a PEGI rating, but also a place where Serbian parents can easily find all the essential information regarding the PEGI rating of games that their children are playing.

That is why we are celebrating this anniversary, and are looking forward to another 20 years of cooperation with this great organization. This year also marks the twentieth anniversary of another important initiative – Safer Internet Day, which was held on February 7th this year. PEGI, in cooperation with Safer Internet Day, will organize a series of events across Europe in order to raise awareness about safe and responsible online gaming. The program will be announced gradually, and you can find all the relevant information about it here.

The digital world has changed significantly since 2003, when the PEGI system was first introduced, but a safe internet is now more important than ever, as is the need to protect children from inappropriate content. The speed at which technologies are evolving (just look at all the recent buzz caused by advances in AI!) creates a need for a continuous education. That is why we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that last year, in cooperation with UNICEF, we organized the Children’s Rights and the Gaming Industry: Opportunities and Challenges conference. The celebration of PEGI’s 20th anniversary is the perfect moment to revisit the conclusions we reached regarding the impact of the video game industry on children and youth. So – click on the link!