OverNight – it’s always easier when you share fear with someone

OverNight is the new indie horror title of the ClickToPlay Games team that brings interesting mechanics and puts an emphasis on the social element.

“We are trying to maximize the interaction with the environment, as well as that every action of the players has a reaction. There is a whole event-based system through which ghosts manifest and scare / attack players. All this is additionally spiced with the fact that there is always more ghosts, good and bad. There is of course the mechanics of the ghosts themselves, how they behave and what they do. as well as communication with the ghosts through various items “, Petar Mladenović from the ClickToPlay Games starts the conversation.

OverNight currently supports up to 4 players and the emphasis is on the social element. Some things require multiple players to use, such as the Estes Method, and multi-player coordination is also very welcome to avoid / survive certain situations. “It’s always easier when you share fear with someone,” Petar emphasizes.

The team has been actively working on the project for about 6 months, although the idea itself came a little earlier. There are three people working on the game and everyone has their primary responsibilities – one is programming, the other is doing technical art and the third is doing characters, animations and sound. Everything else, from game design to testing, is a group effort.

OverNight also features a specific voice recognition system, so we asked Petar to tell us something about it – “We use NVIDIA NeMo ASR (conversational AI toolkit), and we did custom integration in Unreal Engine 5 with the help of Python. We use their trained speech models and for now, we only support English, but we plan to add support for other languages as well. “

The game is currently marketed only on Steam as Early Access, while the current primary goal is to attract fans of this genre and form a community to build the game further together with the players.

The ClickToPlay Games team also released an announcement trailer on their YouTube channel:

In the end, we asked Petar how he feels about the current atmosphere in the gaming community here – “We don’t want to spoil the atmosphere, but at least it seems to us that most are focused on mobile gaming and work in larger studios / companies, so indie seems to be a bit neglected when it comes to the PC platform”.

ClickToPlay Games studio is available on its Discord channel and TikTok.