Let Bions Be Bygones has a release date!

Whether you're a member of the SGA Discord server or have been to one of the game dev events lately, it's unlikely that you haven't heard of Let Byons Be Bygones, the detective adventure created by Bohemian Pulp. If you wanted to try this game as soon as you saw the names of places written in Cyrillic, we have great news for you - from April 30th Let Byons Be Bygones can finally be found on your Steam accounts!

Bohemian Pulp was founded by Đorđe and Jasmina Marković in the desire to make a smaller point-and-click detective game but now, a few years later, it is clear that they did not succeed in this since Let Byons Be Bygones is by no means a small game but over five hours of a modern point-and-click adventure which spices up the long-lived genre. As the concept for the game grew, so did the team. Đorđe Marković comments on the development path of his studio as follows:

“What started as my ambition to be a solo dev has evolved into a team of six that will be releasing their first game, Let Byons Be Bygones, on April 30th. Our journey is a tale of passion, perseverance, learning and adaptation, interwoven with technological and creative exploration. The game is inspired by contemporary and classic media, from Dante to Blade Runner, with original twists and plenty of references to Serbian culture. We are looking forward to the launch and hope it goes well. We are also eager to see what lies ahead.”

Let Bions Be Bygones is the first title by the studio and is to be published by MicroProse. It is a narrative thriller that weaves dystopian threads and detective noir tales in a futuristic setting. This is rivaled by its retro pixel art, which will quickly and easily take you back to the golden age of the genre, which many of us, with good reason, remember with no small amount of nostalgia.

So get ready to step into the well-worn shoes of seasoned detective John Cooper and walk into a lawless settlement of the planet Terrahive, where human life has completely lost its value. You will be expected to make choices, and these will determine which of the many possible outcomes you experience through gameplay, making your playthrough unique. In addition to immersion and replay value, such an approach will put you in a sea of moral grayness, so dare get out of it!

The community played a key role in shaping Let Byons Be Bygones through their feedback given while trying out the demo (still available for free on Steam). And now is the perfect time for wishlisting, since we know how much each wishlist means in the battle of David and Goliath. Help Bohemian Pulp beat the evil Steam algorithms and be the first to find out when you can buy Свежа храна (Fresh food in Serbian Cyrillic).