Two weeks of Epic game creation!

Make a brand new project in Unreal Engine or Unreal Editor for Fortnite, fully remote, fine tune it with the help of senior mentors and win a paid trip to Belgrade to pitch your game in front of an international jury.

Apply from:

Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Romania, Albania, Slovenia and Bulgaria

Prizes and glory await!

This year, we’re expanding our Unreal Day event and giving you a chance to showcase your creativity, your mastery of Epic’s tools and an opportunity to compete in the first ever regional Unreal Game Jam!

Best project will prizes from our partners at PackDev (and more coming soon!), but also a chance to travel to Belgrade and pitch your game live at the main evening program of Unreal Day.

Participation is free and all expenses will be covered.  You just need to focus on creating unforgettable and unique gaming experiences and environments.



After checking the eligibility of teams, those accepted into the competition will receive a Discord invite.

All communication during the Game Jam will be on Discord. This is where we will announce the theme, where you can communicate with our team of expert mentors and receive all needed support.

You will have 10 full days to develop your game.

Make sure to check your email on time, and don’t miss out on these important dates.


We encourage developers and creatives of all experiences to participate, but some prior knowledge of game dev is expected. 

  • TEAM: Apply a team of 1-5 team members (only fully formed teams and solo devs will be accepted – we will not compose new teams if you are an individual looking to participate)
  • COUNTRY: You can apply from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Romania, Albania, Slovenia and Bulgaria
  • WHERE: Development is fully remote! No on-site dev
  • AGE: All ages are welcome, but please note that you might need special permissions (depending on the country of origin) to travel to Serbia, in case your team is chosen for the live pitch in Belgrade
  • THEME: The theme of the GameJam will be revealed to all accepted teams on the starting day. 
  • TIME: You will have no more than two weeks do develop your game.
  • MENTORS: Expert mentor support will be available for the duration of the Jamming period via the Unreal GameJam Discord server. Top 3 teams will have expert support to finalise their pitch, in person in Belgrade.
  • DOCUMENTATION: Eligible teams will receive a Game Application Guidelines document, and Top 3 teams will receive a Pitch Presentation Template


  • You are responsible for making sure you have the necessary rights, licenses, or permission for any game or its assets you submit as part of the Game Jam.
  • Teams retain all ownership rights to the games they submit


Only correctly filled applications will be accepted, so make sure to prepare all elements in advance, and submit them by the deadline.

Deadline for team or individual applications is October 1st - midnight.

Judging and Score

Qualified submissions will be reviewed and scored (1-5 point scale) by a panel of qualified judges, according to the following criteria:

  • Unique Use of Contest Theme
  • Fun Factor
  • Visuals
  • Audio
  • Gameplay

NOTE: Sourced (non-original) assets are allowed where you’ve received necessary permission to use them in your project. Sourced assets will not be reviewed and scored.

  • Example 1: A scene with environment art from FAB or an online marketplace could get points for lighting and composition, but the pre-made assets wouldn’t.
  • Example 2: A scene with sourced audio could get points for implementation (spatialisation, real-time modulation, etc), but the sourced audio wouldn’t.


TOP 3 – Two representatives of top 3 teams chosen by the jury will receive a paid trip (travel, accommodation for 2 nights) to Belgrade. You will attend our Unreal Day conference and pitch live in front of the jury. Teams will also attend an expert tailor made workshop on public speaking and pitching to hone their final presentations. 


1st place – UE asset packs values at 4.000eur 

2nd place – UE asset packs values at 2.000eur

3rd place – UE asset packs values at 1.500eur


*UE asset packs were made by PackDev. All are modular and game ready. Engine: Unreal 4/5 & Unity 2020+.