Kompanija Alset Studio
Tip zaposlenja Full Time
Lokacija Belgrade

The role you will play:

  • Build, expand and debug the client side of our games

  • Reuse existing code from our successful titles into new titles within the same game genre

  • Keep an eye out for the aesthetics of the client

  • Have a proactive attitude and ability to work with minimum guidance

  • Develop components that are scalable for massive multiplayer games and real-time PvP

  • Address bugs and other technical issues identified for subsequent release

  • Developer testing – you built it, test it before throwing to QA.

Requirements you should meet:

  • E2 years of experience with iOS and Android game development using Unity

  • Ability to work with new APIs

  • Good knowledge of advanced Unity API and C# scripting

  • Knowledge on distributed source versioning tools, especially Git

  • Ability to work independently, and in a team

  • Good level of English, able to communicate and work in English language

  • Must love to roll-up your sleeves and get dirty with Unity; integrating textures, meshes,
    adjusting lighting, setting camera angles, optimization, audio integration etc.

  • Not afraid to receive and offer constructive feedback

  • Strong English communication skills, both written and verbal

Bonus Points:

  • Passionate about strategy games

  • Experience on high volume of users games would be a plus

  • Knowledge of shaders (CG/HLSL)

  • Experience with importing and optimising 3D models / characters in Unity

  • Multiplayer programming experience

  • General Math knowledge and interest

  • Tools / other free work made with Unity

  • Knowledge / experience with LINQ, C# Reflection

  • Unity UI

  • NGUI

  • Unity Networking

Kompanija Alset Studio
Tip zaposlenja Full Time
Lokacija Belgrade
Alset Studio