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Playstudios is reinventing Tetris for mobile!

We are looking for a brilliant Product Manager to join our growing team as we embark on this amazing journey, and we really hope it’s you!

As a Product Manager, you will be responsible for the development and quality of in-game features. You will lead, invent new game mechanics, and turn ideas into reality together with a multifunctional team of Developers, Artists, Designers, and Data Scientists.


  • Lead a dedicated cross-functional team, and set it for success. Be able to collaborate with all the different disciplines in the team, share the business knowledge with the team and create an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation within it.
  • Invent new and innovative game mechanics. Be sensitive to the elements that create thrilling user experiences.
  • Specify feature requirements and how they take shape in the product, taking into account the various constraints and available resources (technical, UX, cost).
  • Define the KPIs and analytics for evaluating the effect of a new feature and its benefit to the product



  • 5 years of experience as a Product Manager in the gaming industry.
  • Experience in casual mobile games – Advantage!


Our ideal candidate has:

  • That magical ability of “Making things done”.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a team.
  • A creative and innovative mind.
  • Ability to converse at a technical level.
  • Strong quantitative and qualitative analysis skills.
  • High attention to details.
Kompanija Playstudios Europe
Tip zaposlenja Full Time
Lokacija Belgrade
Playstudios Europe
What began in a shared office suite on the outskirts of Las Vegas has grown into a global gaming studio with offices on three continents, a collection of award-winning titles, a network of world class business partners, and a passionate community of loyal players. But like they say, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single slot.”