Kompanija Miracle Dojo
Tip zaposlenja Full Time
Lokacija Belgrade

Will be responsible for creating 3D animations and riggs for characters, and improving our art production pipeline.


  • Experience in creating skeletons and skin weighting for accurate character deformation and scene.
  • Experience in creating 3D animations.
  • Experience in developing tools, processes, and workflows to improve the production pipeline for rapid rigging of human character models.


  • VFX experience
  • Avid gamer
  • Played World of Warcraft


WarEden is PC PvP Battle Arena with RPG character customization placed in the Epic Fantasy world.
It is merging traditional gaming with blockchain technology and NFT / crypto financial ecosystem and thus creates an independent gaming economy where players can earn money while playing the game for fun!

We are looking forward to hearing from you. We would give our best to respond to every job application and provide proper feedback.

Kompanija Miracle Dojo
Tip zaposlenja Full Time
Lokacija Belgrade
Miracle Dojo
We specialized in creating outstanding gamification experiences for celebrities, big brands, and education.
Recently, the team has started developing an NFT game, WarEden, and thus pioneering in blockchain gaming with Play To Earn mechanics. We are aiming to create a whole new economy within the game by utilizing blockchain technology. Our approach will always be to develop games for fun and joy, but now our players will be able to earn real money by playing WarEden. Stay tuned!