3Lateral, Epic Games & the SGA are bringing back an expanded, all-day UE experience, which brought together more than 400 creatives last year!

- WORKSHOPS | 10 AM - 2 PM
- MASTERCLASSES powered by EBB Software | 3 PM - 5.30 PM
- KEYNOTES & SHOWCASE powered by Mad Head Games | 6 PM - 9 PM

All these from the domains of game art & digital imagery, game development, CGI, virtual production, animation, architecture, 3d asset production, digital twins and even - opera.

Belgrade, Serbia | mts Dvorana & other locations

Professionals from various digital creative disciplines, developers, students and all interested artists and engineers coming from across our region, and beyond, will be able to dive into different formats.

Unreal Day 2023 is powered by EBB Software and Mad Head Games.

Like Unreal Engine itself, all Unreal Day programs are completely free with registration, but note that spots are limited for all workshops and masterclasses!


KEYNOTES AND SHOWCASE powered by Mad Head Games


  • Those who are already part of the local or regional Unreal Engine community
  • Those who aspire to join this community and explore the great possibilities and wide applications that Unreal Engine offers
  • Students, high school students, young or more experienced professionals
  • Those interested in the most relevant global and local trends in the domain of CGI, 3d visualization, gaming and education – are more than welcome!
  • Whether you work in the field of gaming, film (post)production, architecture, new media art, interaction design or even robotics, you will find something interesting.

mts Dvorana, Dečanska  14
6 – 9 PM

APPLY HERE UNTIL Oct 24th – midnight
Free and unlimited


AXEL BARROIS [Chief Technology Officer | Albyon Studio | France] – Unreal, Not Only for Games

VOJISLAV PAVKOV [Senior Character TD | 3 Lateral/Epic Games | Serbia] – MetaHuman Framework: Use of Simulations and ML Deformer in UE

ROCCO SCANDIZZO [Head of UE Games BD EMEA & UE Games Strategy | Epic Games | UK] – How Epic Empowers Creators

With the SHOWCASE, we want to bring into the light some of the most aspiring and inspiring projects that are done inside and outside our community, connecting interesting game dev experience with mesmerizing visual production, indie games, animation, digital twins technology and even experimental projects such as incorporating MetaHuman technology in an opera. 

Each of them has 10 minutes of your attention, while the break in the middle of the prograм will be interesting, with the finals of our UNREAL JAM bringing three amazing pitches to the stage.


MASTERCLASSES powered by Ebb Software

The four masterclasses are intended for those who already know the basics of working in Unreal Engine, or maybe they are advanced users who work as independent professionals or are part of a gaming, CGI/VFX studio or a team that deals with 3d visualizations of different formats.

We have put together an amazing masterclass program with guests from France and Spain, alongside representatives of the most cutting-edge studios from Serbia.


mts Dvorana, Dečanska 14
3 PM – 5.30 PM

APPLY HERE UNTIL October 21st – midnight
One participant can choose only one masterclass, given that all four are held simultaneously. Spots are limited to 30 per masterclass.

Masterclass topics and presenters

Blue Dot: Deep Dive
Đorđe Vidović
Generalist | 3 Lateral/Epic Games | Serbia

Painting with Light: An Artistic Adventure in Light Studies
Lazar Mesaroš
Art Producer | Ebb Software | Serbia

An explanation on how we use Nanite, Lumen, PCG and Movie Sequencer at Albyon to accelerate art production
Mathieu Rous de Madinhac
Technical Artist | Albyon Studio | France

Lighting: Giving Life to an Environment
Natalia Torres
Virtual Production Lead | Magic Fennec | Spain


These five workshops are intended for different types of Unreal Engine users. On the one hand, there are several workshops mainly intended for beginners or juniors who have at least minimal experience in 3D modeling and knowledge of the UE environment, while one of the workshops will be specifically intended for architects and those who deal with 3D visualizations in architecture. 

Equipment that the participants may be needing to attend the workshop will be provided. Most of the workshops are limited to 11-12 spots, while the architectural one is open for up to 30 participants.



Crater Training Center, Knićaninova 3
SAE Institute Belgrade, Čika-Ljubina 8
Metropolitan University, Tadeuša Košćuška 63

10 AM – 2 PM

REGISTER HERE UNTIL October 21st – midnight
One participant can choose only one workshop, given that all four are held simultaneously. Spots are limited!

Workshop moderators and topics

Predrag Milošević [Head of Game Art Animation Department | SAE Institute | Belgrade]

UE 5 Creative Workshop for Beginners (asset, layout, lighting, lookdev & cinematic)

Milan Ličina [Associate Professor | Metropolitan University | Belgrade]

Make Your First Game in Unreal Engine

Darko Subotin [Assistant Professor | Faculty of Dramatic Arts | Belgrade]

Title tbc

Saša Vlajkov [Technical Artist | Case3D | Novi Sad]

Application of Unreal Engine in Interactive Presentations of Architectural Projects

Bogdan Amidžić [FX TD | Crater Studio | Belgrade] & Luka Vilimonović [FX Artist | Crater Studio | Belgrade

Application of Houdini Engine on Generating Geometry Inside of Unreal Engine


Something entirely new this year! 

In collaboration with our dear partners PackDev, one of the leading local studios involved in 3d asset development, we are bringing you the opportunity to forge your 3d asset modeling skills to to the next level. 

PackDev’s booth will be available at the mts Dvorana from 3 to 6 PM, and you are more than welcome to come by for your own 20-minute free portfolio review! 

Bring your files made with Substance Designer, Blender or Unreal Engine and dive into the details together with experienced 3d artists from the PackDev team. You can either bring your final renders, or entire working files.


mts Dvorana, Dečanska 14
3 PM – 5.30 PM 

Just come by the booth and reserve the next available slot. First come – first served, though.


As part of the KEYNOTES & SHOWCASE program, we will have a chance to meet the three shortlisted teams from the regional UNREAL JAM! It takes place online between October 10th & 20th, and immersed 30 teams from Serbia, Romania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania and North Macedonia into an intense game dev sprint inside UE or UEFN, with support from industry mentors and prizes from our partners Package Development

We are eager to hear their pitches, as well as the decisions of an international jury made out of our this year’s speakers, who will proclaim the best team and the two runner-ups. 

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