SGA Jobs platform presents the “Shift2Games” program series

The Serbian Games Association (SGA) published the SGA Jobs platform last year, intended as a “one-stop shop” for all open positions at local companies working in the field of game development. Since March this year, SGA is also launching a special program Shift 2 Games, with a goal to bring different careers and positions in the gaming industry closer to students and young professionals, but also to everyone else who would like to continue their career in the field of gaming.

The SGA Jobs platform is developing in a direction that will proactively popularize career development in the Serbian gaming sector, which is one of the most promising niches in the Serbian IT and creative industries but also strive to expand and deepen the talent pool that is available to the local video game development market. On the other hand, it is the only definitive resource aggregating all currently available positions in Serbian gaming.

In addition, through the SGA Jobs platform, training, programs, partnerships, and promotional activities will be organized to help professionals of various profiles, both in the technology and creative sectors, to change the paths of their previous careers that are complementary to the needs of the gaming industry. 

The first step in that direction is a brand new program series Shift 2 Games, which we will implement in cooperation with our members, and which will represent and demystify individual positions through interviews with those who are already working in the industry. 

Starting March 9th, every other Tuesday we will explore a different role, and try to include various sectors and departments within gaming companies that already employ 2000 professionals in Serbia.

Our first guest will be Nataša Isaković, a Product Owner at the Belgrade-based mobile studio Two Desperados.

Through personal stories of some of the leaders in the local industry, we will talk about how they started working in gaming, how did their previous formal and informal education influence the work they do, and what were the biggest challenges in the beginning. The program will also show what a typical workday looks like, who will be your closest teammates, what tools are used, and what kind of workflow is expected. There will always be time for a Q&A session at the end of each interview, where anyone interested will have the opportunity to ask direct and specific questions to our guests.

In all this, some of the renowned, but also those lesser-known Serbian gaming companies, members of the SGA, which now gathers almost 90 companies and studios, will help us.