What is a Lead Developer in the gaming industry [mobile]

Shift 2 Games 25.05.2021.
Time 17:00
Language Serbian
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What is a Lead Developer in the gaming industry [mobile]

We are again dealing with the position of chief programmer, this time from the point of view of a studio that works exclusively on mobile games

The last episode of the first season of Shift 2 Games! And our guest this time is Branislav Vajagić, Lead Developer in the Belgrade mobile studio Yboga, known for the game Dream Hospital. According to him, “the nicest indie company in this area”.

We will talk in more detail about all this, to bring you closer to what it looks like to be a programmer in the gaming industry and why maybe this is the right position for you!


  • If you do programming and you don’t have health problems, and you want at least some
  • You love frustrations, and you don’t know how to bring them into your life
  • You want to work in a workplace where focus is key, but you are not allowed to focus

OK, now actually?

  • If you are into programming and thinking about the next step in your career
  • If you’re just into programming and want a view from your boss’s perspective
  • You’re not in the gaming industry, but you want to see how and if it’s different from your industry
  • You are interested in games and you are thinking about your future job within gaming
Branislav Vajagić,
Lead Developer, Yboga
About the lecturer

Bane is in charge of programming (everything the game needs) but he also helps and guides colleagues on the same path; to help the younger and less experienced, but also older and more experienced colleagues to make the best possible version of the game we are working on together. Both together and independently, they solve all the problems they encounter. This position is a mix of programming work and management / mentoring / (shamanic work) / crisis management – similar to the production position, but with a focus on the programming part.