UNREAL DAY: Masterclasses

Creative Tech Serbia 27.10.2022.
Time 3 - 5 PM
Language Serbian / English
Location Miljenko Dereta Space
Price Free

UNREAL DAY: Masterclasses

A unique event dedicated to one of the leading platforms and tools for creative visual production - Unreal Engine - will be held in Belgrade on Thursday, October 27th under the name UNREAL DAY.

Through the partnership of the Creative Tech Serbia supercluster, 3 Lateral/Epic Games and the SGA, creative professionals and interested audiences will have the opportunity to attend workshops and masterclasses held by “UE evangelists”, professionals and UE practitioners from Canada, Poland, the UK and Serbia.

In addition to longer workshops for a smaller number of participants and a keynote/showcase program open to the widest audience, the masterclass format will offer something in between – the exchange of tangible experiences related to specific aspects of working with Unreal Engine as a tool, through a “show’n’tell” format and conversation with experts from Serbia, Poland and Taiwan, lasting two hours each.

Masterclasses will be presented by leading domestic and foreign professionals, including David Jiang from the award-winning Canadian studio Shape Shifters Creative, who will focus on the MetaHuman tool, as well as Krzystof Pachulski, a UE evangelist who, on behalf of Epic Games, shares his knowledge and rich experience with the community across Europe. In addition to Darko Subotin, a professor at FDU in Belgrade and one of the few authorized lecturers for Unreal Engine in our country, Adam Kovač from 3Lateral/Epic Games will introduce the application process for the Epic MegaGrants program to all those interested, through which projects based on UE technology can receive financial support for further development.

These four masterclasses are intended for those who already know the basics of working in Unreal Engine, or maybe they are advanced users who work as independent professionals or are part of a gaming, CGI/VFX studio or a team that deals with 3d visualizations of different formats. The masterclass dedicated to the Epic MegaGrants program is particularly interesting for teams or individuals who are looking for funding for their interesting author’s or educational projects based on Unreal Engine technology.

Krzysztof Pachulski
Unreal Engine Evangelist, Epic Games, Poland
Geometry Script in UE

David Jiang
Founder & Head of Development, Shape Shifters Creative, Canada
Metahuman inside Shape Shifters Production Environment

Adam Kovač
Solutions Specialist, 3Lateral/Epic Games, Serbia
How to – Epic MegaGrant

Darko Subotin
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Dramatic Arts Belgrade, Serbia
Combining blueprints and sequencer in Unreal Engine

One participant can choose only one masterclass, given that all four are held at the same time. APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN UNTIL OCTOBER 24 AT MIDNIGHT. The number of places is limited!


This activity is launched by Creative Tech Serbia with the support of USAID Serbia and ICT Hub Belgrade (through the Serbia Innovates project), within the Supercluster pilot. More about the supercluster Creative Tech Serbia can be found here.

Krzysztof Pachulski,
Evangelist, Epic Games
About the lecturer

Krzysztof is mostly interested in graphics programming and game systems architecture. For the past years, he has been using Unreal Engine 4 professionally. He also created a lot of noncommercial side projects, featuring a tool for creating live music visualizations with shaders, or game jam games along with breachandclean.com created together with Rami Ismail and a group of fantastic people.

He has been attending a ton of conferences and game-related events. Now he is helping Epic Games to reach developers with a focus on Eastern Europe and Israel.

Darko Subotin,
Faculty of Dramatic Arts Belgrade
About the lecturer

Darko Subotin brings together both academic and experience as a 3D generalist from the industry. He is currently developing a program of basic studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade – Digital and Interactive Dramatic Arts. The program is focused on using Unreal Engine, and Darko will teach 3D graphics and animation. Prior to that, he taught 3D graphics at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. Most recently, he created and held the Unreal Engine Essentials course, which was attended by 50 professors from Serbian universities. He gained part of his experience at Eipix (now Playrix.rs) as a 3D generalist, where he was also the author of the comic “Deviance”, which he later developed into a VR experience. Darko has also worked as a freelancer on short films and video games and developed personal projects such as Mortal Kombat 4 – Fan Made Endings.

Adam Kovač,
Solutions Specialist, 3Lateral
About the lecturer

He received his high school education at the 9th Gymnasium in Belgrade, after which he enrolled at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences with the idea of ​​dealing with (operational) management. Although he was then interested in optimizing the work process, he began his career in a combination of circumstances in financial consulting at the international company EY. There, he made analyzes and reports that help with the acquisitions of larger companies (SBB, Imlek, Knjaz Milos, Bambi…).

One of them was a turning point. While working on the acquisition of 3Lateral by Epic Games he met the 3Lateral team. Today, it is in this company that it helps clients choose the right technology solutions, helps the growth of local startups and creative communities, and deals with marketing and public relations.

Adam also has a great love for mentoring. During his studies and career, he mentored more than 100 students of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in groups, and individually (1 on 1) about 30 students and team members.

David Jiang,
Founding Partner & Head of Development, Shape Shifters Creative
About the lecturer

David Jiang is a leading expert, Artist, and Technical director in the film and game industry, specializing in real-time video production for game cinematics and cutscenes, as well as short format CG content inside Unreal Engine. As Head of Research & Development at Shape Shifters Creative, David strives to push the boundaries on the latest tech in the industry. His constant exploration and testing of innovative tools adds to his wealth of knowledge on the newest technologies.

As an advocate for only the best and top of the line approaches, David has set out to build production-proven workflows for many teams large and small, in the early stages. Deemed as a pioneer on adapting metahuman in production, his expertise and work with several studios are still honored today. His advanced experience and specialization in Autodesk Maya (asset/animation workflow development, all aspects of rigging, CFX, and python), and Unreal Engine 4/5 (metahuman development/customization, machine learning solutions, CFX) sets a high bar above industry standard. His mission is to continue making an impact in the digital world, inspiring creatives to keep pushing the boundaries on what can be achieved.