SGA Assemble 2022

SGA General 14.09.2022.
Time 6 PM
Language n/a
Location Playstudios Europe
Price Free

SGA Assemble 2022

The annual informal gathering of the SGA community (members, partners and friends) to mark the beginning of a new program season!

In addition to the SGA Annual Assembly, a formal and working gathering of members that takes place every April, the SGA ASSEMBLE is an opportunity to mark the beginning of a new “school year” as well as to gather members, partners and friends of our organization in an informal atmosphere and in large numbers.

The meeting is again hosted by Playstudios Europe, one of the premium members of SGA and currently the fastest growing gaming company on the Serbian market.

Nikola Mitić, General Manager of Playstudios Europe and Marija Ilić, President of the Governing Board of the SGA, will briefly address the attendees. The entire, strengthened SGA team will also be there: new colleagues who joined us just before the summer are Isidora Veljković in the position of Project Coordinator and Nenad Jovanovski as Project Manager, and with us is Maša Đurić, who is returning from maternity leave, while the team completed by Relja Bobić (Program Director) and Kristina Janković (Executive Manager), who, through a short presentation, will offer an overview of all the most important things that have already happened, but what is even more important, everything that awaits us in the coming period.

In addition to numerous information and announcements, the emphasis will be on the central project until next summer – the pilot supercluster Creative Tech Serbia, and the numerous and diverse activities that will be realized within it. It is one of the four Serbian superclusters piloting their programs through the Serbia Innovates project, which is run by the ICT Hub with the support of USAID. You can follow everything that is planned as part of this unique initiative on the website and through the SGA newsletter during the coming months.

We only have to say – 2023 – here we come!