Self Determination Theory – what motivates players?

SGA General 13.05.2021.
Time 12:00
Language Serbian
Location Zoom
Price 130eur

Self Determination Theory – what motivates players?

Video games are a form of entertainment, but also a fascinating phenomenon in which mathematical rules and human psychology meet. This workshop is focused on understanding the psychology of players, the reasons why people are attracted to video games, and it also underlines the reasons why they remain attached to them for hours, days and months.

All of these are necessary, and in practice proven tools that help you make a good idea not just an idea but grow into a hit title!

During the workshop, we will rely on a psychological model called Self Determination Theory, which we will use for practical analysis of the psychological background of specific examples of video games.

This workshop is ideal for:
All those who are engaged in making free-to-play games, or want to venture into these waters.

The workshop is ideal primarily for Game designers and Product Managers or similar equivalent positions in the team engaged in this activity, whether it is small agile teams or large companies with dedicated teams from these areas.

This workshop will cover:

  • Basics of SDT
  • Basic human psychological needs defined in SDT
  • Types of motivation defined through SDT
  • How SDT can be applied to the understanding and development of video games
  • Practical analysis of concrete examples of video games

This will be a two-hour, online, interactive workshop with practical examples. We will work in a small group to pay necessary attention to all questions and ideas. We encourage you to communicate with other participants and participate in a few simple tasks to have a useful and interactive learning experience. The workshop will be in Serbian and will not be recorded.

  1. 30min – introductory presentation
  2. 30min – group work – apply the framework to the analysis of a well-known game
  3. 30min – task discussion
  4. 30min – Q&A

How to participate:

All information on how to join the workshop arrives in a separate email after you register.


This workshop is organized by the SGA (Serbian Games Association). A number of free tickets are reserved for our members. The regular price is 130 euros.

Important: The number of participants is limited. Registrations are open until we fill the capacity.

Stanislav Stanković,
Creative Director, Tracktwenty EA
About the lecturer

Stanislav Stanković currently works as a creative director at Northern Stars. Prior to this, he was at Tracktwenty EA studio in Helsinki, Finland. He started working at EA as a Game Designer in 2015. He started his career in the video game industry in 2012 as a Game Designer at the Rovio studio in Tampere, Finland. He completed his studies in computer science at the Faculty of Electronics in Nis.