Playing Narratives – Belgrade Autumn Bootcamp: Day two

Playing Narratives 23.09.2022.
Time 9 AM - 6 PM
Language Engleski
Location Prostor Miljenko Dereta
Price Besplatno

Playing Narratives – Belgrade Autumn Bootcamp: Day two

Participants of the "Playing Narratives" program from the entire region are together again in Serbia. As part of the three-day bootcamp program, they will have the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops, study visits and meetings with leading professionals from the domestic, as well as the French and international gaming industry.

After the opening day of the second Playing Narratives bootcamp during which they practiced their presentation skills, participants return to more specific topics relevant to game dev and refining their projects.

During the second day of this program, they will have the opportunity to work with leading domestic and French industry experts. In the first part of the day, they will be divided into groups (artists, narrators, sound designers), and each of them will work with their lecturer for two hours: Irena Ćirković from Mad Head Games will be with the narrative designers, Diana Klotsova and Aleksandar Knežević from Ubisoft Belgrade will work with artists, while Katelyn Isaacson, our first guest from France, will work with sound designers.

After the break, all 30+ participants will gather again to learn a lot about game UX design and designing the experience for players, which will be talked about by another guest from France – Camille Soual, who will also give a short lecture the next day at to the CGA Belgrade conference, which is open to a wider audience.

After a lot of technical topics, the afternoon will be reserved for placing games on the market, so colleagues Nevena Ristić and Aleksandra Smiljković from the Niš company Webelinx Games, also a partner and sponsor of the program, will talk about go-to-market strategies for games. At the very end of the program, we will be visited by representatives of the general sponsor, the company 3Lateral/Epic Games from Novi Sad, to whom the teams will initially present their projects, and Dragan Jerosimović and Adam Kovač will give them valuable feedback, but also present some opportunities that potentially await the participants after the end of the program itself.

This program is for Playing Narratives participants only, and is not open to the public. Thank you for your understanding.

After such a fulfilling day, the PN participants will have the opportunity to explore together the cultural and nightlife offer of Belgrade, but also to watch live the next day, Saturday, September 24, the most important conference dedicated to computer graphics, film post-production and video games – CGA Belgrade – which is held in the MTS Hall, with the participation of numerous lecturers from Serbia and abroad.

* * *

Program Playing Narrartives: Ideas to games is supported by the Franco-German Cultural Fund, which was established in 2003 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Elysee Agreement. The general sponsor is Unreal Engine (i.e. companies Epic Games & 3Lateral), while the distinguished sponsor is the French company  Ubisoft Belgrade. This year, the Niš-based Webelinx Games also joined the program as a sponsor, while additional support in the realization will be provided by French and Goethe institutes from the entire region, as well as SGA colleagues from Slovenia GamesMAGDA and RGDA.

Camille Soual,
Freelance Technical Game Designer
About the lecturer

Camille loves designing and balancing game systems to provide varied and colorful possibilities for players to explore. She has broad experience in that field from years of playing, running and tweaking tabletop roleplaying games.

Camille comes from France. Her experience is broad and includes working in UX design on PC, mobile, but also consoles and VR. She has seven years  of experience in programming in C# with Unity.

She has done some game design, focusing on system design and game balancing, and last but not least she has been experimenting narration through various media.

Katelyn Isaacson,
Freelance singer and sound designer
About the lecturer

Sound designer, composer, singer, and songwriter of multiple genres.

She is very interested in new ways to use audio in visual and interactive media. Katelyn has experience in scoring and sound designing for films and video games, as well as studio recording, audio editing/processing and singing.

Also, she is passionate about culture, language and international communication.

Irena Ćirković,
Game Designer, Mad Head Games
About the lecturer

Irena’s career in the video game industry started during her education when she did an internship in a small startup company that made serious games. This inspired her to do a MA thesis where she designed a serious game to teach evolution.

Once her studies were finished, Irena worked in the mobile game industry, initially starting off as a Level Designer before becoming a Game Designer for Viola’s Quest at Two Desperados, and later at Wanting to expand her knowledge, Irena moved on to computer games and is currently a Game Designer at Mad Head Games.

In addition to being a Game Designer, Irena is also an aspiring novelist using her free time to work on her novel.

Nevena Ristić,
Product Marketing Manager, Webelinx Games
About the lecturer

As a Product Marketing Manager at Webelinx Games, Nevena is developing and implementing go-to-market strategies for mobile game promotion. Her task is to make a game discoverable and find ways to communicate its strengths to as many relevant users as possible.

A linguist by education and a passionate Francophile, she entered the gaming industry in 2017 as an ASO specialist and translator.

Over the years the structure and complexity of her role developed, and she is now in charge of creating elaborate marketing plans and user acquisition strategies supported by thorough market research and accompanied by result analysis and evaluation.

Aleksandra Smiljković,
Menadžerka marketinga proizvoda, Webelinx Games
About the lecturer

Aleksandra started her career at Webelinx Games in an entry- level ASO specialist position back in 2016. Throughout the years, her role has evolved and expanded, and it currently encompasses game promotion activities at all different stages of a game’s lifecycle.

As a product marketing manager, she is responsible for carrying out market research and building go-to-market strategies for new games, as well as conducting competitors’ analyses, setting up user acquisition campaigns, and planning long-term marketing roadmaps.

Ubisoft Belgrade team,
Ubisoft Belgrade
About the lecturer

On the occasion of the first spring Playing Narratives bootcamp program for participants from the entire region, which was held in May 2022, Ubisoft Belgrade sent a special “delegation” that shared its invaluable experience with future game designers, artists, sound designers and 3d artists from Serbia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania.

As part of the program held in Novi Sad, many collegues joined us from Ubisoft’s Belgrade studio: Nikola Stojanović (Lead UI Artist), Diana Koltsova (Junior UI Artist), Ilija Pantelić (Junior UI Artist), Uroš Kurandić (Junior Game Designer), Stefan Lazarević (Junior Game Designer), Mihailo Novaković (Junior Level Designer), Marija Josifović (Level Artist), as well as Milica Todorović (Associate Producer).