Logos, props, sound design and a deconstruction

Playing Narratives 04.07.2024.
Time 18h-20h
Language Serbian
Location Zoom
Price Free

Logos, props, sound design and a deconstruction

In the third round of practical lectures for the fourth generation of the Playing Narratives project, each department will have the opportunity to further deepen their technical knowledge.

And this week, with the help of seniors from domestic industry, we continue with several lectures for each of the departments we have in this cycle. The knowledge gained is soon put into practice as our newly formed teams start working on concepts for their first game.

These are the lectures we have prepared:


2D ART – Logo making workshop

What do we see every time the game loads? What is the easiest thing to remember and recognize? Logo! That’s why it’s important that your game has an original, interesting logo that conveys the vibe and genre of the game at first glance. Fortunately, now creating a logo is a well-studied thing. In cooperation with Playstudios Europe, we are organizing a workshop where you will learn how to make a logo for your game – real or fictional.

3D ART – Conceptual and technical creation of proposals for the development of video games

Definition of props in 3D environment, position in pipeline, block-out props, low-poly/high-poly modeling, UV generation (UV Unwrap), texturization, implementation in game engine, tips & tricks.

SOUND – From idea to implementation

At this lecture, through practical examples, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the process of producing sound effects – from design, ie. design, through assembly and processing, to implementation in the engine.


NARRATIVE – Deconstruction of the game “Brawl Stars”

(1) Challenges facing the Game Designers

(2) How they solve everyday tasks

(3) What are good practices in the mobile game industry through deconstructions of the mobile game “Brawl Stars”


*** This year’s program would not be possible without the support of the RECONOMY* project, as well as dedicated partners from the industry – the company 3Lateral as part of Epic Games and the program partner Center for the Promotion of Science (CPN). In addition to them, the Goethe-Institut and the French Institute in Serbia are participating in the project.

*RECONOMY is a regional inclusive and green economic development program of the Swedish Development Agency Sida, which is implemented by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, in cooperation with the organization Help – Hilfe zir Selbsthilfe e.V. and other partners in the countries of the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership.

Ljubica Rančić,
Playstudios, Art director in Live oprations domain
About the lecturer

Ljubica is an art director with 10 years of experience in gaming and over 15 years of experience working in design (graphics, UI and UX). Her specialization is slot games with a focus on monetization and Live Events. The main points in the day-to-day work are to meet business goals and monetization mechanics through clear, enticing visuals and a series of gamified assets that enhance the user experience by providing an additional aspect to engage players in addition to the core games and increase the level of fun and play time. At Playstudios, she is responsible for several creative teams in the fields of Concept Art, Copy, UX/UI Design, Animation and Slice.

Dimitrije Cvetković,
Head of Audio, Mad Head Games
About the lecturer

Dimitrije is a sound designer and composer specialized in production of sound for video games.

Currently Head of Audio at Mad Head Games, where he supervises the sound design, music and voiceover pipelines to ensure that the projects are empowered with great-sounding, highly engaging audio content.

Dimitrije Milenković,
Game Designer, Nordeus
About the lecturer

He started his career in the mobile game industry as a Backend Developer. After two years of programming on the game Top Eleven, with the aim of having a bigger impact on how the game will be developed, he became a Game Designer. He made his first GD steps within the SGA Mentorship program, and during the last three years he has been successfully designing new and improving the old functionalities of the Top Eleven game.

Filip Karzić,
Lead 3D artist, Package Development
About the lecturer

Completed Master of Architecture in Belgrade, worked as an architect for almost 2 years in Kragujevac and participated in a wide range of projects ranging from the concept and design phase to realistic architectural visualizations. Discovered his true calling – designing space, scenography and ambience, from the macro to the micro level allowing players to enjoy every scene in the game. For the past 2 years, he has been living in Belgrade and working as a Lead 3D artist/generalist in the company PackDev. The focus of his work is 3D prop, 3D environment art and level design which is later uploaded and sold on the Unreal Engine store. Participated in various public competitions, exhibited several student projects at the Salon of Architecture. In 2023, he was a member of the “PLAYING NARRATIVES” program organized by SGA. Completed VFX course at WARGAMING.

Larisa Ivetić,
Lead 3D Artist, Package De
About the lecturer

3D Generalist, Technical Artist and Level Artist in Game Development with 6 years of active experience in the industry. She started her career independently, out of her interest and passion for video games and the artwork of their production itself. As a self-taught 3D artist, she gained her development mainly from experience in the production of video games on various platforms for Android, iOS, and PC platforms with experience working in two game engines – Unreal Engine and Unity. Currently working as a Lead 3D Artist, Tech Artist and Level Artist in the company PackDev. She was a participant in various game jam programs (Unity, UEFN), as well as a participant in the Unreal Fellowship: Worldbuilding program organized by Epic Games, 3lateral, Materriya, in 2023, and from this year she is also an official Autodesk-certified 3D artist for 3ds Max software and Maya.