Living Procedurally

Playing Narratives 07.07.2022.
Time 5 PM
Language English
Location Zoom
Price Free

Living Procedurally

The leading local game artist and 3D generalist, a guest of numerous prestigious world conferences, shares his rich knowledge with the participants of the Playing Narratives program.

Towards the end of the first part of this year’s Playing Narratives program, we have prepared a real treat for the participants, especially those who are fond of visual game development.

We have one of the most experienced domestic game artists as our guest, and a man who selflessly shares his rich knowledge in the field of 3D modeling and art development for video games.

Jumping between his day job as a game artist and his night shift as a procedural master, Nikola will tell how proceduralism slowly crept into all his workflows and ways of artistic life. This lecture and speech will show his way of cross-combining between his daily work and personal interests, without chasing perfection but having fun through experiments.

This program is for Playing Narratives participants only, and is not open to the public. Thank you for your understanding.

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Program Playing Narrartives: Ideas to games is supported by the Franco-German Cultural Fund, which was established in 2003 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Elysee Agreement. The general sponsor is Unreal Engine (i.e. companies Epic Games & 3Lateral), while the distinguished sponsor is the French company  Ubisoft Belgrade. This year, the Niš-based Webelinx Games also joined the program as a sponsor, while additional support in the realization will be provided by French and Goethe institutes from the entire region, as well as SGA colleagues from Slovenia GamesMAGDA and RGDA.

Nikola Damjanov,
Lead Game Artist, Nordeus
About the lecturer

Nikola is a 3D generalist with over 10 years of diverse experience. He began his higher education as an engineer, but after a few years turned to interactive media. His first professional steps were making models, animations and VFX for music videos and movies. After that, he dabbled in architecture and product visualization for a while, but then switched to graphics and web design. Most of the time he made interactive art installations in parallel, but in the end he found his happy place – as a game artist.

For the past eight years, he has been actively improving his artistic skills, researching new tools and adopting them as quickly as possible. Nordeus helped him channel his passion, focus and broad skill set to the position he is in today. He moved through the company quite quickly, and currently works as a lead artist in the company. Apart from his daily activities, he cares about the bigger picture. Because of this, he is also heavily involved in recruiting, interviewing, mentoring and overall maintaining the company culture.

He actively participates in several game-art communities, writes blog posts and generally likes to share everything he knows, but also expects to learn something from everyone.