LIVE MEETUP: Gaming producers: skill, set, go!

SGA General 12.05.2022.
Time 18:00
Language Serbian
Location NTP Novi Sad
Price Free

LIVE MEETUP: Gaming producers: skill, set, go!

Regardless of the complexity of the game you are working on or the size of the company or studio, the work process is much more difficult if you do not have producers in the team. For the first time, we are talking about this crucial role in the gaming industry, with as many as five experienced professionals who will share their personal experiences with us. See you live to exchange knowledge and hang out in the newly opened NTP Novi Sad!

The gaming industry is known for the immediacy and great desire of all individuals to share knowledge transparently. Thus, the producers of several companies and studios – as a traditionally extroverted role – have connected and met informally in recent months, in order to see how other colleagues cope in this role, which is in many ways specific.

Conclusions of these meetings: the role is not clearly defined, it changes from project to project, from team to team, and is often confused or equated with Project Manager and Product Owner roles. However, this position is much more complex, it requires both technical and business knowledge, but also intuition, paired with a flawless sense of organization, risk management, leadership and more.

The latest SGA annual report also shows that this is one of the three positions that are the most difficult to fill.

That is why the SGA is organizing this more formal gathering in which we will, as it is popularly said, demystify the role.


  • If you are wondering if your next position in the gaming team can be in producing – join us.
  • If you work in another industry, and it seems to you that your set of knowledge and skills suits this role – join us.



  1. Production face off– senior mobile and senior core producers (Andrej Sinkević @Ubisoft Belgrade, Aleksandar Aleksić @Nordeus) with many years of experience working on large projects will compare what it looks like to produce a mobile, and how a PC/console project
  2. From the recruiter’s point of view – Lazar Ivanović (Recruitment Specialist @Ubisoft Belgrade) will explain to us what set of skills is expected from producers, how to prepare for the interview, what kind of technical test awaits them, and generally everything in finding producers in unexpected places
  3. Producer diaries – daily activities, collaboration with other teams, framework and tools. We will learn all about what it looks like to work in this role from Zdravko Malinović (Senior Producer @Starloop Studios) and Milan Manestar (Medior Producer @Playstudios Europe). It is interesting that both of them switched to gaming from other industries, which will give us an insight into this transition as well.

Attendance is completely free, but please fill out the RSVP form in the program card. See you LIVE in the newly opened NTP Novi Sad, followed by some nibbles, drinks and networking!

Zdravko Malinović,
Senior Producer, Starloop Studios
About the lecturer

Zdravko has been in the gaming industry for more than 8 years with rich experience in QA, game design, production and project management. In addition to his experience in gaming, he also has experience in the arch-vis industry as well as working with motion capture technology. He is currently a senior game producer at Starloop Studios, where he leads PC and mobile projects.

Andrej Sinkević,
Production Manager, Ubisoft Belgrade
About the lecturer

More than 10 years in the gaming industry with released titles on all platforms and various experiences ranging from indy, double A and triple AAA projects. Joined Ubisoft more than 4 years ago in a Producer position. Currently holding a position of Production Manager, coordinating all production teams in Ubisoft Belgrade studio.

Lazar Ivanović,
Recruitment Specialist, Ubisoft Belgrade
About the lecturer

With 5 years of recruitment experience, he worked on different levels of recruitment (sourcing, recruiting and leading a team of recruiters) both in Serbia and abroad. Joined Ubisoft in August 2021. At Ubisoft, he is working on end-to-end selection processes for all types of roles, ranging from programming, art, design, testing, and other production roles and over to roles in support teams.

Milan Manestar,
Medior Producer, Playstudios Europe
About the lecturer

Milan has joined the gaming industry as a Technical Artist. Since then, he has worked on many interesting projects as well as various events, campaigns and features. He was given the opportunity to become a producer and since then he has been actively cooperating with various teams at Playstudios for three years in order to find the best solutions together.