Leveling UP your IP

Conference 22.09.2022.
Time 09:00-17:00
Language Serbian/english
Location Serbian Chamber of commerce
Price Free

Leveling UP your IP

What are the most successful intellectual property protection strategies for video game development? Learn more about all protection options and how strategic management of intellectual property rights can contribute to the success and increase of your company's value, at a one-day international seminar organized by the Intellectual Property Office of Serbia, the SGA and Word Intellectual Property Organization.

Managing all the specific elements in video games is a real challenge when it comes to intellectual property protection. Intellectual property rights are essential in the development, financing and distribution of video games and apply to both the tools used in game development and the content included in the game. With current technological advances, games can be as diverse as the imagination of their creators, and include audio-visual content, realistic graphics, voice synchronization, use of motion capture technology, original scripts, trademarks and other original works.

The value of the video game market in the world reached almost 200 billion USD in 2021, and for this rapidly growing branch of the industry, it is predicted that the value in 2026 will be around 330 billion USD and that the number of gamers will soon reach three billion, which indicates that video games represent a very important field for social interaction.


Take advantage of the unique opportunity and register to participate in the international seminar Leveling UP your IP: Strategies for Videogame Developers, which will be held on Thursday, September 22, 2022, in the conference hall of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (Resavska 13-15, Belgrade), starting at 9 AM.

The lecturers at the seminar will be eminent world and domestic experts from the video game industry as well as experts from the field of intellectual property. Among them are representatives of SGA, the European Game Developers Federation (EGDF), the domestic company Mad Head Games, the leading law office in the region Karanović&Partners and other participants from abroad. The complete event agenda will be shared soon, and the entire event will be conducted in English, and/or with simultaneous translation.


Interested participants from Serbia can watch the seminar at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, while those outside Belgrade and Serbia can register to follow the live stream:

Registration link for the physical event
Registration link for following the online stream



The seminar is organized by the World intellectual property organization (WIPO), in collaboration with The Intellectual Property office of the Republic of Serbia, Serbian Games Association (SGA), Serbian Chmaber of Commerce and the supercluster Creative Tech Serbia.

Kristina Šarenac,
Head of Legal & Finance, Mad Head Games
About the lecturer

Kristina started her career in the regional IT company RT-RK, which has about 800 employees. She had the opportunity to work as a member of the legal team on two M&A deals: when the Austrian IT firm TTTech bought a controlling 51% in RT-RK in 2015 and when it bought 100% of the firm in 2018. She participated in the sale of shares from the point of view of in-house advisors and dealt with the entire process in cooperation with lawyers.

After that, she worked at fintech company Alternative Payments as a legal advisor for international issues and regulatory compliance.

In October, he moved to the position of Head of Legal and Finance at Mad Head Games to lead a team that covers the entire business of international, domestic law, finance and accounting. Immediately upon arriving at the company, he started working on the M&A process in which the Embracer Group buys a 100% stake in Mad Head Games. Here, she had the opportunity to help sell the company, in a managerial position, in cooperation with the lawyers of the other side.

Goran Radošević,
Partner, Karanovic&Partners
About the lecturer

As a business law partner, Goran provides legal assistance to international companies in the tech and gaming sectors, advising them on mergers and acquisitions, contractual relations, tech and IP issues, regulatory issues, personal data protection, consumer protection, advertising, etc. Goran’s experience includes advising Epic Games on the purchase of 3Lateral and advising Nutanix, Inc. on the acquisition of domestic startup Mainframe2, as well as continuous consulting of companies such as Microsoft, Google, HP, etc. Goran also advises IT companies in negotiating software development contracts with local gaming companies.

Andreea Medvedovici Per,
Vice president, EGDF
About the lecturer

One of the “100 Game Changers in the Video Game Industry” as acknowledged by gamesindustry.Biz. Currently holding two important positions in the gaming industry of Europe. She is both an Executive Director of the Romanian Game Developers Association and a Vice-President of the European Game Developers Federation, influencing the ecosystem on many levels.

Kristina Janković Obućina,
Executive Manager, SGA
About the lecturer

In charge of member relations, ecosystem building, our programs, as well as events and initiatives, Kris is here to communicate with relevant stakeholders and provide all information about Serbia’s growing gaming ecosystem. With a strong background in journalism, communications, project management and dozens of trophies on her PS4 profile, she is always in the mood to talk about gaming and find a way to support young creatives and new projects. She has been with SGA since the very founding of the association and is dedicated to developing the domestic gaming industry and the visibility of our teams, companies and games locally, but also globally.