Introduction to serious games: the concept and market classification

Playing Narratives 19.05.2022.
Time 17 h
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Introduction to serious games: the concept and market classification

As part of this year's Playing Narratives program, t will he focus will also be on the so-called "serious" games and video game concepts that are not exclusively related to the entertainment industry, but can also communicate important and valuable social messages. This lecture aims to provide initial insights into this aspect of creating video games.

Serious games, or applied games, are games designed for a primary purpose that is not pure entertainment. “Serious” as an adjective is generally put ahead to refer to video games used in industries such as defense, education, scientific research, health care, emergency management, city planning, engineering and politics.

They are also used to promote learning and behavior change. The power of serious games is that they are fun, engaging and impressive. Serious games are more effective than traditional teaching, but do not give better results than more active forms of knowledge transfer and are often more expensive to implement.

In the lecture Introduction to serious games: concept and market classification, prof. Maravić will refer to the very concept of “serious games”, as well as to various examples of the application of this approach in the production of games in different market or other niches. This year, the participants of the program will try to implement elements of serious games in their projects, which they will work on until the end of the year.

This program is intended exclusively for participants in the Playing Narratives program, and is not open to the public. Thank you for your understanding.

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Program Playing Narrartives: Ideas to games is supported by the Franco-German Cultural Fund, which was established in 2003 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Elysee Agreement. The general sponsor is Unreal Engine (i.e. companies Epic Games & 3Lateral), while the distinguished sponsor is the French company  Ubisoft Belgrade. This year, the Niš-based Webelinx Games also joined the program as a sponsor, while additional support in the realization will be provided by French and Goethe institutes from the entire region, as well as SGA colleagues from Slovenia GamesMAGDA and RGDA.

Manojlo Maravić,
Associate professor, Academy of the Arts Novi Sad
About the lecturer

Manojlo Maravić (1977) graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad with a master’s degree in sculpture. In 2010, he defended his doctoral dissertation, Critique of Politics and Phenomenology of Video Games, at the University of Arts in Belgrade, as part of an interdisciplinary doctoral program in the theory of art and media.

In the domains of video game studies, visual culture, and art pedagogy, he has published a dissertation and a number of articles in both national and international scientific journals. He’s spoken at national and international scientific conferences, forums, and initiatives. He was the editor of the Proceedings of the Academy of Arts from 2013 to 2015. He directed the scientific project Analysis Of The Video Game Industry In Serbia: Towards New Titles And Educational Profiles (Game Development & Education Conference-GEDU 2016), which set the foundation for the curriculum of the Academy of Arts’ study program Video Game Design. He wrote the book The Total History of Video Games (Clio, 2022). He is the founder of Video Games Studies, Serbia’s first scholarly conference in the domain of video games (SVI 2021).