Intro to Unreal Engine

Playing Narratives 25.06.2021.
Time 17:30
Language Serbian
Location ImpactHUB
Price Free

Intro to Unreal Engine

Introduction to Unreal Engine, the dominant platform for the production of PC games and consoles, developed by Epic Games, in which Serbian experts directly participate through the company 3Lateral

The possibilities of Unreal Engine are virtually limitless. Still – where to start?

Darko will share his experience and show by examples what you can create in Unreal Engine. The lecture will explain the different segments of the game engine on the example of Unreal, as well as the most commonly used tools and their applications.

In recent years, game engine platforms have found increasing application outside the gaming industry – in film production or sub-production, in architecture, VR animation and various forms of 3D visualization. Unreal Engine is one of the most advanced platforms in that sense, it is expected to have a key application in online entertainment formats in the future, but also many more serious processes brought by the increasingly announced concept of “metaverse”.

Our goal for this workshop is to inspire and guide participants in a direction where you can learn more and explore more.

The program Playing Narratives was initiated by Goethe-Institut  and the French Institute in Serbia together with  SGA. This 8-month program is supported by the Franco-German Cultural Fund. Furthermore, the project was recognized by numerous partners in Serbia and from abroad: the general sponsor of the project is Digital Arrow from Novi Sad, while as distinguished sponsors the local companies  Two Desperados and 3lateral as part of Epic Games are also taking part. Ubisoft Belgrade is also one of the sponsors of the project. Renowned organizations from Germany (accelerator Spielfabrique) and France (higher school for video games and interactive digital media Cnam-ENJMIN) and their lecturers are also involved into the realization of the project.

Darko Subotin,
Faculty of Dramatic Arts Belgrade
About the lecturer

Darko Subotin brings together both academic and experience as a 3D generalist from the industry. He is currently developing a program of basic studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade – Digital and Interactive Dramatic Arts. The program is focused on using Unreal Engine, and Darko will teach 3D graphics and animation. Prior to that, he taught 3D graphics at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. Most recently, he created and held the Unreal Engine Essentials course, which was attended by 50 professors from Serbian universities. He gained part of his experience at Eipix (now as a 3D generalist, where he was also the author of the comic “Deviance”, which he later developed into a VR experience. Darko has also worked as a freelancer on short films and video games and developed personal projects such as Mortal Kombat 4 – Fan Made Endings.