How to make (and publish) hyper-casual phenomenons

SGA General 25.11.2021.
Time 17:00
Language English
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How to make (and publish) hyper-casual phenomenons

When we add them all up, the games of the studios founded by our guests at this lecture have been downloaded from digital stores more than 300 million times! We will talk to them and try to find the golden equation for this kind of success.

Last year alone, the mobile gaming market generated a revenue of $ 86.3 billion. The segment has grown almost sevenfold since 2012 – much more than computers and consoles. Hyper-casual games in particular have seen incredible growth in the last two years, and are often on all top charts for mobile games.

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell said the best games were “easy to learn and difficult to master” – an aphorism now known as Bushnell’s law. This philosophy is at the heart of the hyper-casual genre, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular and widespread. Another feature is that their way of playing is simple and direct – to the extent that it is recognizable at first sight.

For many players, this is the first type of game they have ever played, so it is no wonder that the genre has experienced so much expansion during the pandemic.

We are glad to have invited one local and one guest magician of this genre as our guests. By registering for this lecture, you get the opportunity to listen to their presentations and ask them all the questions you have in a Q&A session.

We’ll cover two topics:

  1. Challenges in the hypercasual industry and rapid prototype validation – How many products should be thrown in the bin before a hit title is made? How to read metrics correctly and base iterations on them? How a former three-member team from Novi Sad figured it all out, and released games for Voodoo, Homa Games and Apple Arcade!
  2. From Prototype to Acquisition – Go through the story of Firescore Interactive as they started as a small team working from a shared office, and quickly went on to become a hypercasual success story. Learn from the production process of the global Christmas hit Soap Cutting, the technical mastery of Acrylic Nails, and the hard work it took to launch their third game Hair Dye! Get an inside look into the acquisition of Firescore by CrazyLabs and what that means for the future of the gaming industry in India and Asia.
Nemanja Divjak,
CEO, Tummy Games
About the lecturer

Nemanja used his rich entrepreneurial experience and presence on the Internet from an early age to start the startup Fliiby with his brother, back in 2007. A few years later, he expanded his career in the world of startups as a co-founder of startup and game dev studio Tummy Games.

Surojit Roy,
CEO, Firescore
About the lecturer

Surojit has been in the games industry for over a decade. Starting in e-sports and eventually moving to game development, he has started multiple companies in the gaming space. Most recently, he co-founded Firescore Interactive which built 3 huge top-chart hit games in the past 18 months – Soap Cutting, Acrylic Nails and Hair Dye. Following the release of their last game, Firescore Interactive was acquired by CrazyLabs.