GFB – S01E06: Pitching & Negotiation skills

Game Funding Bootcamp 19.04.2022.
Time 5 PM
Language English / Serbian
Location Nova Iskra Workspace Dorćol
Price 50 EUR / Members Free

GFB – S01E06: Pitching & Negotiation skills

In the sixth and final episode of Game Funding Bootcamp, we focus on some of the key practical and personal skills that are necessary, or at least desirable, in the process of securing finance and working on the business development of your project or company. This edition of GFB is open only to participants from Serbia, who can attend the live workshop in Belgrade!

After five sessions that covered numerous, different ways of financing projects within the gaming industry – from publishing, through public and EU funds and crowdfunding, to investments and M&A arrangements – the premiere edition of GAME FUNDING BOOTCAMP will be rounded off with two practical workshops, which are dedicated to the skills necessary for the successful initiation, contracting and negotiation of business cooperation in general, and especially within the gaming industry.

The first workshop will deal with presentation, and especially pitching skills, in which participants will be assisted by a very experienced guest from Slovenia Peter Bruner, with vast experience in training startups and young entrepreneurs for just such situations. Whether it is pitching events or short meetings at conferences, the way you present your project is exactly what will decide whether it will meet the interest of the interlocutor – investor or publisher. SGA has already organized an online program dedicated to this topic, so you can see it as an introduction or addition to the workshop that awaits you within this program.

As part of this workshop, participants will be given a kind of homework, and have the opportunity to have 1-1 sessions a few days later (April 21) with our guest facilitator from Slovenia, which is an opportunity definitely not to be missed!

After this practical workshop, another one is waiting for you, dedicated to negotiation skills, and it will be led by one of the founders of SGA, Nikola Čavić, who has more than 15 years of experience in the business development of companies working in the video game industry. He is the person whose integral part of the job is to negotiate the details and conditions of business cooperation, regardless of whether it is a specific campaign, offer for partnership or co-production, sale of IP or the company itself. You can be sure to hear valuable tips and suggestions based on relevant first-hand experience!

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Game Funding Bootcamp is a new initiative of SGA that aims to address these challenges, and through a series of lectures and workshops that will be realized in the period between January and April 2022 to teams and companies from Serbia and the region, present various potential sources of funding, with the participation of domestic and international experts and a number of partner organizations.


Interested participants (company representatives, interested individuals or professionals) should click the APPLY NOW button on this page. The application deadline is Monday, April 18th by the end of the day.


All program modules are FREE of charge for all full-time SGA members, i.e. those who pay the Start, Pro or Premium membership package (maximum two people per team / company). Associate members of the SGA (Free Membership) can attend 2 of the 5 modules of their choice (one person per team / company) free of charge.

Teams and companies from the Western Balkans can register one person free of charge, while each additional participant is charged. These scholarships are provided by the Reconomy project.

The full price is 50 EUR per person, per module. Payments can be made exclusively on the basis of invoices issued by SGA to legal entities (companies, organizations, or registered entrepreneurs), by bank transfer.

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The GFB program was implemented through several hours of hybrid sessions (live and online) that were organized every two weeks starting from February 8, 2022.

Game Funding Bootcamp program is implemented in cooperation with a number of SGA partners, including Help! Serbia (within the RECONOMY project), Swiss Entrepreneurship Program, Deloitte Serbia, Karanović & Partners and others, as well as numerous SGA members who will share their experiences so far. with interested game creators from across the region.

Peter Bruner,
Business Advisor
About the lecturer

Peter is an entrepreneur who co-founded 3 startups already. One with a successful exit, one failed and now working on Ringo which turns any home-door to a smart door. Over the years he has developed a special passion for public speaking. In the last 5 years he has won three European awards for best pitch, The Best Startup of the Year 2015 in London on eCommerce Expo (business model Wineist), The Best Startup of Co-invest Venture Days in Nova Gorica (on behalf of the company OOSM net) and the Best of VC Pitch in Amsterdam (the OOSM net). 

In 2016, he started to share his knowledge with other entrepreneurs in the local community and then wider among young Slovenian entrepreneurs as a lecturer at various workshops and conferences, as well through participation in the Slovenian technology parks and incubators. He was a consultant to Petrol, the largest Oil company in the Balkan region to invest in startups. He works with Swiss Connect, Seed, Innoenergy, Startupbootcamp, Chicago World, Plavi Ured, Spirit, Deloitte etc.

He coaches both young entrepreneurs, beginners and as well experienced entrepreneurs, politicians and their party members. And he does not just coach, but also learns and gets energized by passionate business oriented people. There is always room for improvement and new creative approaches. So far, Peter has coached 300+ entrepreneurs. 

Nikola Čavić,
Founder & CEO, Gamebizz Consulting
About the lecturer

Nikola Čavić is the founder of GameBiz Consulting, an agency specialized in working with companies in the video game industry sector. Nikola is also one of the founders of the Serbian Games Association. Prior to that, he held the position of Development Director at Nordeus for seven years, where he played a key role in the business development of their most successful product – Top Eleven, as well as in the corporate development of the company.

Prior to Nordeus, at CCP Games in Reykjavik, he was responsible for the sales and global distribution of EVE Online during his 5 years at the company.