Game economy meetup

SGA General 15.09.2022.
Time 18:00
Language Serbian
Location NTP Niš
Price Free

Game economy meetup

In addition to good art, game design, music, narrative and other elements that make up any game, a well-developed and applied economy is essential for a good gaming experience. This applies to all platforms and genres, and therefore it is extremely important to address these parameters in time. Even the smallest changes in the economy can bring "loud" results, both in the way players enjoy the game and in the project's earnings.

We are extremely glad that we are returning to Niš again, where we will have the opportunity to learn the basics, but also a little more advanced application of economics in games, using the example of some of the most successful local games.

For everyone involved in game design, data processing, marketing, game balancing and business decision-making, our lecturers have prepared the following presentations and case studies:

The economy in multiplayer mobile games

In a few practical steps, we explain the theoretical foundations of the economy in games, and a balanced economy with a few graphs and diagrams. Case study 1: Battle pass, Clash Royale (a complete economy with simulation, forums, probability…) Case study 2: PVP battle, ELO rating, Armed Heist (an economy with simulation, formulas…)

The economy in free-to-play games with linear progression

How to tailor useful events and track user behavior? How to apply AB tests? How to use data to create a better experience without harming revenue and user engagement? How to detect problems in the product and find the best solutions for implementation? Analysis of the Peaksel team’s experience in optimizing F2P games.


Attendance at the event is free, and registration is required at this link.


This activity is launched by Creative Tech Serbia with the support of USAID Serbia and ICT Hub Belgrade (through the Serbia Innovates project), within the Supercluster pilot. More about the supercluster Creative Tech Serbia can be found here.

Miloš Milojković,
Sozap, Data Analyst
About the lecturer

Graduate studies completed at PMF. Master studies at Singidunum. He worked as a mathematics and computer science teacher for nine years in primary and secondary schools, and then as a BI Developer and Analyst in the Danish company Inovator. He currently works as a Data Analyst in the Niš company Sozap.

Marija Spasić,
Peaksel, Product Manager
About the lecturer

After studying at the ESB Business School, at the University of Reutlingen in Germany, Maria joined Peaksel as a Junior Project Manager. Two years later, she leads numerous projects as a Product Manager.