Game Design Teams

Playing Narratives 16.05.2024.
Time 18:00
Language Serbian
Location Vidikovac @Beograđanka
Price Free

Game Design Teams

Game design - a broad and elusive term. We will explain the basics of game design in mobile projects that are made for tens of millions of players, but also in indie projects that address specific niches of players who have their own expectations and requirements from the game they choose.

Game design teams as well as game designers themselves must be equipped to communicate with literally all the other teams and people involved in the development of a game. Therefore, it is necessary for them to know how to communicate their ideas in different ways and to make sure that their creative vision is also feasible.

This task is very different if we are talking about game designers in a large company and on mobile projects, and in an indie team working on a core project.

That’s why we invited two very different game designers, and each of them will present to the participants of the fourth cycle of the Playing Narratives program their work, tasks, the way they cooperate with others, give useful advice and real examples of the tasks they had to solve.


*** This year’s program would not be possible without the support of the RECONOMY* project, as well as dedicated partners from the industry – the company 3Lateral as part of Epic Games and the program partner Center for the Promotion of Science (CPN). In addition to them, the Goethe-Institut and the French Institute in Serbia are participating in the project.

*RECONOMY is a regional inclusive and green economic development program of the Swedish Development Agency Sida, which is implemented by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, in cooperation with the organization Help – Hilfe zir Selbsthilfe e.V. and other partners in the countries of the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership.

Anđela Simić,
Game Designer & Product Owner, Playstudios Europe
About the lecturer

With many years of experience in game design of mobile games, Anđela has worked on some of the biggest mobile games published in Serbia. In addition to working in the office, she is dedicated to imparting knowledge to everyone interested in entering the industry, and she also taught as part of the Master 4.0 project.

Vanja Knežević,
Game developer, Euclidean Studios and International Committee of the Red Cross
About the lecturer

Vanja is a VR and game developer – by day he works at the International Committee of the Red Cross and develops VR simulations for training purposes, By night he makes Nazralath with Euclidean Studios. Learning about technology, society and art in order to become equipped to handle complex civilization-scale tasks. Long-term goal is to be capable to make the right decisions when they matter most. Strong background in working with data, extracting insights from it and telling stories. He is also a member of Board of Directors of the Serbian Games Association.