Branching Narratives

Playing Narratives 14.05.2021.
Time 17:30
Language English
Location Zoom
Price Free

Branching Narratives

A lecture with the enigmatic French expert on (branching) narrative building who presents himself under the pseudonym FibreTigre!

As part of the Playing Narratives program, which has been running since mid-April, 23 participants, as well as the wider community, have already had the opportunity to send interesting lectures on gaming history and the gaming market (Dušan Žica), narrative design (Mladen Levnaić) and game design (Norbert Varga – Digital Arrow).

On this occasion in cooperation with the renowned French school for interactive media Cnam-ENJMIN, we are proud to present a lecture by a distinguished French game designer who presents himself under the pseudonym FibreTigre.

The lecture entitled Branching Narratives, is intended for young writers or beginners in writing video games. It will include the use of narrative branching in the creation of scenarios, as well as some “trees” and methods for working in this field.

The program Playing Narratives was initiated by Goethe-Institut  and the French Institute in Serbia together with  SGA. This 8-month program is supported by the Franco-German Cultural Fund. Furthermore, the project was recognized by numerous partners in Serbia and from abroad: the general sponsor of the project is Digital Arrow from Novi Sad, while as distinguished sponsors the local companies  Two Desperados and 3lateral as part of Epic Games are also taking part. Ubisoft Belgrade is also one of the sponsors of the project. Renowned organizations from Germany (accelerator Spielfabrique) and France (higher school for video games and interactive digital media Cnam-ENJMIN) and their lecturers are also involved into the realization of the project.

Game Designer
About the lecturer

FibreTigre is a pseudonym of a French author who works in various fields and specializes in interactive fiction. In 2014, he released his first video game Out There, which he designed and wrote, and which had significant success. In 2018, he was on the Ping Award jury panel. He also created and wrote the series Banlieue et Sortileges with actors Orpheus Campanello, Laurent Evoort, Lionel Lagette and Loic Legendre. In 2019, FibreTigre collaborated with contemporary artist Thibault Brunet on the video installation Strates in the Points of View in Cercle-Cite (Luxembourg). He collaborated with the artist on the exhibition “One Family” in the Mission Swansea Gallery. He is responsible for the Fiqtion label at Qualiter, whose first audio fiction is Siduri. He is a columnist for the podcast Studio 404 and Trajectoires. He is also the host and screenwriter of the Game of Roles show on JVTV. He is a member of the commission of the Fund for Video Games Assistance of the National Center for Cinema and Animated Picture. If that’s not enough – over 50,000 fans follow him on Twitter!