Back to Vanilla Meetup

SGA General 23.05.2024.
Time 19h
Language Serbian
Location Vidikovac @ Beograđanka, 22. floor
Price Free of charge

Back to Vanilla Meetup

Long time no see, on SGA meetup!

Why “Back to Vanilla”? Well, we felt the need to return to some old formats of socializing, the basic mode we once grew tired of, and why wouldn’t we, when back in the now-distant 2018, we used to organize such gatherings once a month. We listened around and concluded that we all missed gathering in a relaxed environment, hearing what’s new and interesting happening in the community, but also meeting in person – the SGA Discord channel, which is constantly active, gaining new members every day, and where better a ground for meeting people than a classic meetup 🙂

For this event, we invite you to the 22nd floor of our Beogradjanka building, to the attractive Vidikovac! In addition to the opportunity to overlook Belgrade from all sides (literally 360 degrees), we’ll hear three stories from our members who, each in their own way, with their small teams, managed to achieve authentic and successful endeavors.

After the presentations, there will be networking with the best view of the city. 🙂

At the meetup, we’ll have a chance to hear about the following topics:

  • From cake to game: how to make a game out of something edible – About the collaboration of a small team, which still hasn’t become a company, with a big brand. What they could negotiate with them, and what not, and how they fought for some of their conditions they didn’t want to give up. Presented by – Nikola Šoškić from Shosha Games.
  • How to launch a complete game (Let Bions Be Bygones case study) – Đorđe Marković from Bohemian Pulp will talk about how they approached the development of Bions, why the development stretched, why the game wasn’t launched entirely, what the mistakes were, and how they plan to correct them with the next game.
  • Architecture as a path to game design – How they transitioned from architecture to gaming and how their architectural knowledge was useful. Through examples of their projects (such as the AAA game “Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020”), Dušan Stojsavljević from Dreamline Entertainment studio will speak about the experience and obstacles they encountered as a small team specialized in 3D environment design.
Nikola Šoškić,
Head of Studio, Shosha Games
About the lecturer

The former film director, co-founder of the YouTube channel Filmofil, and lecturer at the Fokus film school in Belgrade. He graduated from the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade, specializing in digital arts. Growing up with video games, he expanded his knowledge from the film world to gaming and has been active in the video game development industry since 2019. In 2022, he founded Shosha Games, an indie game studio, and participated in the SGA Playing Narratives program where he found most of the current members of Shosha Games. Since 2023, he has been working as an instructor for Unreal Engine in the Unreal Fellowship program in Novi Sad, collaborating with Epic Games and 3Lateral. Currently, he works as a developer and game designer at Shosha Games.

Đorđe Marković,
Cofounder, Bohemian Pulp
About the lecturer

Đorđe started his career as a digital artist and graphic designer, but soon devoted himself to his passion for creating video games. Four years ago, he began a personal project that gained the attention of followers and publishers of MicroProse. In 2023, the project was supported by the local startup funds Raising Starts and Start Smart, and together with the support of the Serbian gaming community and the SGA, they built the Bohemian Pulp team, which now has six members. Currently, they are completing the first project Let Byons Be Bygones, a game that will debut on the global market in the first half of 2024.

Dušan Stojsavljević,
CEO, Dreamline Entertainment
About the lecturer

Dušan is an architect from Novi Sad and director of Dreamline Entertainment. This studio deals with the creation of 3D environments for video games, and they left their biggest mark in Microsoft Flight Simulator, where their models can be found in various locations around the world.