AAA trailers – Made in Serbia!

Playing Narratives 07.10.2021.
Time 17:30
Language Serbian
Location ImpactHUB
Price Free

AAA trailers – Made in Serbia!

One of the leading Serbian studios for video post-production will share its experience in working on trailers for AAA titles, and associates with the world's leading companies and studios, for the participants of the Playing Narratives program

Bunker VFX is an animation and post-production studio based in Belgrade, Serbia. Founded in 2014, it is gathering a team of professionals who are in a constant pursuit of new expressions and excitements that evolve with visual experiences.

Bunker VFX thrives to deliver extraordinary visual content, primarily in the field of game cinematics. The combination of great internal teamwork and trustful external collaboration with clients (Bethesda Softworks, Red Barrels, Electronic Arts, Zynga, THQ Nordic, Warner Bros Entertainment, Rovio Entertainment, Com2Us, Wargaming, Valve, Paradox Interactive…), resulted in making cinematic trailers for AAA games within a very short period, including Doom Eternal, Outlast, The Evil Within 2, Rage 2, H1Z1, Crusader Kings 3, Nine to Five, Angry Birds, MX vs ATV All out, Dawn of Titans, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Hitman 3 and many others.

Today, the studio is firmly on the global map of the gaming industry. Constantly improving master skills, investing in young talents and technology, Bunker VFX make magic happen on your screens! 

On this occasion, studio co-founders Ana and Kosta will share with Playing Narratives participants their own, first-hand experiences of collaborating with AAA studios and working on promotional videos for games played by millions of players around the planet. Bearing in mind that one of the teams participating in this program will work on a short cinematic trailer for their project during December 2021, the timing for this meeting is excellent.

The program Playing Narratives was initiated by Goethe-Institut  and the French Institute in Serbia together with  SGA. This 8-month program is supported by the Franco-German Cultural Fund. Furthermore, the project was recognized by numerous partners in Serbia and from abroad: the general sponsor of the project is Digital Arrow from Novi Sad, while as distinguished sponsors the local companies  Two Desperados and 3lateral as part of Epic Games are also taking part. Ubisoft Belgrade is also one of the sponsors of the project. Renowned organizations from Germany (accelerator Spielfabrique) and France (higher school for video games and interactive digital media Cnam-ENJMIN) and their lecturers are also involved into the realization of the project.

Kosta Mihailovski,
Co-founder, BunkerVFX Studio
About the lecturer

Kosta Mihailovski is a VFX supervisor, producer, and co-founder of Bunker VFX animation and post-production studio. At the beginning of his 15-year long professional experience, he was interested in all fields of production, which made him a 3D Generalist. He was working on TVCs and feature films for local and foreign productions. Since 2014, his very clear focus was to build a strong team and develop in-house pipeline that can support producing cinematics for the world’s leading gaming companies. He co-founded the Bunker VFX studio with his colleague Ana Uzelac. Today, they collaborate with internationally famous studios and produce AAA trailers. 

Ana Uzelac,
Co-founder, BunkerVFX Studio
About the lecturer

Ana Uzelac is a VFX supervisor, producer and co-founder of Bunker VFX animation and post-production studio. Upon graduation, she focused her professional work on digital compositing by working on TVCs and feature films for local and foreign productions. Driven by passion to create high-end game trailers, she started building Bunker VFX studio in 2014 alongside Kosta Mihailovski. They collaborate with worldwide agencies, studios and productions and produce AAA trailers. Ana also obtained her Phd in Digital Arts at the University of Arts in Belgrade. She is a board member of the Serbian Games Association.