We have launched the SGA JobAds platform with the aim of making it as easy as possible for candidates to search for ads and to enable them to review all currently open positions in the gaming industry in one place. This positions us as a go-to-place and the first address for anyone who wants to find a job in the rich and diverse gaming industry. This is a place where you can advertise your current positions and be sure that they will reach the right candidates.




Basic Silver Gold Diamond
Price* 0 RSD 15 days
5000 RSD
30 days
7500 RSD
15 days
8000 RSD
30 days
12000 RSD
15 days
12000 RSD
30 days
18000 RSD
Company website
Position location
Link to application on company website
Text Job description Job description
Role description
Job description
Role description
Thumbnail Small Medium Medium
Featured listing
Homepage feature
Newsletter feature
Post ad Post ad Post ad Post ad

PRICE – Free ads are completely free and we recommend this option to smaller teams looking for part-time candidates or teams offering internships

LOGO – Your team or company logo

COMPANY WEBSITE – A link to your official website

POSITION LOCATION – The place from which the candidate will perform the job. Of course, there is also a remote option

LINK TO APPLICATION ON COMPANY WEBSITE – A link leading to the official page of the advertisement, where candidates can apply

TEXT – Description of the position and other details

THUMBNAIL – Image and size of the thumbnail in the search resulta

TWITTER – Your official team or company Twitter

TAGLINE – A short description of the team or company, your goals, company values and mission

FEATURED LISTING – This ad shows at the top of the page

VIDEO – The ad includes a video as well

HOMEPAGE FEATURE – The ad will be displayed on the front page of the SGA website

NEWSLETTER FEATURE – The ad will be part of the SGA newsletter