Voodoo to Reward Strong Ideation in Latest Competition

Voodoo, the world’s number one mobile games publisher in terms of downloads, has announced its new Spring Game Competition, open to studios worldwide from March 3rd.

The new competition focuses on ideation methodology, designed to maximise a studio’s chance of creating a hit game and optimise their time and resources to focus on high-potential ideas. Studios taking part will have access to the new Voodoo Ideation framework, resources, and live streams. All ideas will be reviewed by the Voodoo Publishing team.

Multiple hit-making studios including Raketspel, OHM, Stone Axe, Pixel Box, and Voodoo Paris will be joining the masterclass to share their knowledge, experience, and inspiration with participants. Five studios will also win two personal coaching sessions from one of the hit-making studios, offering the chance to learn from the experience, failures, and successes of these highly experienced studios, whilst receiving direct feedback on their prototypes.

There are different six prize categories on offer, including:

  • New Prize – The studios that make the five hottest prototypes, in terms of metrics, will win two coaching sessions from multiple hit-making studios
  • First prize – $1,000,000 – For all launched and confirmed games that exceed five million downloads in the first four months following launch
  • Second prize – $200,000 – For any launched and confirmed game
  • Ideation prizes – $100,000 Prize Pool – For the top ten high-potential ideas, rated by Voodoo’s Publishing Team
  • Strong metric prizes – $10,000 – For all games hitting a less than $0.20 CPI and more than 30% D1 Retention on Android, or less than $0.30 CPI and more than 30% D1 on iOS OR a D3 playtime of over 60 minutes and a CPI less than $0.60 CPI on both platforms
  • Referral prize – $100,000 – For referring a studio that goes on to create a launched and confirmed game

The competition kicks off with a live stream on March 3rd. Studios will have two weeks to submit ideas which will then be reviewed by the Voodoo Publishing team. Selected studios will then have two weeks to prototype strong ideas, before two weeks of testing. Winners will be announced from mid-April onwards.

Find out more information and register online here.