The SGA and our members are participating in the UNICEF charity NFT auction

On the occasion of marking the 75th anniversary of UNICEF, an online auction was organized, which will include NFT game art of some of the SGA members. All proceeds from the sale of unique digital tokens will be used to purchase assistive technology that helps children with disabilities increase their abilities and skills.

A special collection of unique digital tokens (NFT – Non Fungible Token) has been presented and will be on display until December 11 at the O3on Gallery, as well as online on this page.

A total of 15 NFTs will be auctioned, and through the cooperation of UNICEF and SGA, four of our members Demagog, Yboga, COFA Games and Kerber Games have joined and exclusively provided UNICEF with selected game art sequences from their current games. to create NFTs.

In addition to their game art creations, there are also works by street painters Dejan Ivanović, Mihajlo Prostran, Nikola Gajić, Nikola Mihajlović and Andrej Josifovski, who painted their works during this year’s Runaway Festival, and photo moments of UNICEF’s national ambassadors. The entire exhibition can be viewed at this link.

Simultaneously with the exhibition, there is an online auction in cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain, which was made with the expert support of ECD and MVP Workshop. The starting price of each NFT is 1 ethereum. UNICEF therefore calls on all companies and people of good will who trade and own cryptocurrencies to compete and thus help children with disabilities.

UNICEF’s goal is to provide assistance technology for development counseling and kindergartens in Serbia with the help of donations collected during the online auction, so that children with disabilities receive help to communicate with peers and adults, to play, learn and socialize, and to use other technologies and appliances.

“Technological innovations have great potential in creating better living conditions for children and that is why we decided to take this step – the first UNICEF cryptocurrency auction in the region. I thank all partners and collaborators who helped create the first UNICEF collection of unique digital tokens in Serbia and beyond, “said Deyana Kostadinova, UNICEF Serbia Director.

Since the beginning of this year, SGA has been actively cooperating with UNICEF, in order to see the impact and importance of the gaming industry and culture through its broader social dimension, especially when it comes to children’s rights or career opportunities for young people at the beginning of their careers. The first major joint program was the conference Children and the Gaming Industry: Opportunities and Challenges, which can be viewed in its entirety on the SGA YouTube channel.