Sperasoft runs a gamedev engineering internship

Important announcement for graduating students, recent graduates, and aspiring game developers: Are you prepared to make your mark in the history of the video game industry? Your journey into game development begins now!

Sperasoft is launching a 3-month engineering internship program designed for newcomers to the world of game development. We are actively seeking C++ generalists and C++ Unreal Engine developers to join ongoing projects within our production pipeline. Under the guidance of experienced mentors from day one, interns will play a crucial role in the development of highly anticipated sports simulations and iconic fighting games, boasting millions of fans worldwide.

  • The internship is suitable for students, university graduates, and any job seeker with a basic level of qualification.
  • For the first time, our internship program will be held in the Sperasoft Belgrade studio. Also participating in the program could be citizens of nearby regions, remotely.
  • Upon completion of the program, each participant receives a certificate.
  • During the program, all participants will be enrolled as temporary employees on a trainee engineer’s salary.
  • All interns who successfully complete the internship program are offered employment at Sperasoft on one of the projects.

This 3-month internship, offering flexible working hours, represents a unique chance to kickstart your career at a leading international game development company and join a team of creators working on AAA titles.

To apply, please follow this link by October 1st, and mark your calendars to meet your future colleagues on October 15!