Soon NTP Niš – game dev teams have an advantage in the tenant application

The rich IT community in Niš will soon be able to use the long-awaited space and infrastructure of the newly built Science and Technology Park. In partnership with the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the City of Niš and the University of Niš, an Open Invitation for future members has been launched recently for startup companies up to two years old and for technology development companies engaged in innovative activities.

The first two evaluation dates for applications for members are May 15th and May 31st.

Startup companies have 60% of the available space at their disposal on the first floor of a total area of ​​736 m2, while technology development companies have 60% of a total of 3,409 m² at their disposal, distributed on the first, second and third floors of the building.

Priority in the selection is given to companies active in the areas identified as a priority in the Smart Specialization Strategy of the Republic of Serbia (4S), which includes the creative industries (creative audiovisual production, video games, interactive media, and smart packaging).

SGA has had the opportunity to meet the active gaming community on several events, and our members are Niš’ gaming companies Peaksel, Webelinx, Sozap and Software Wolf. We are familiar with the enormous potential of this part of Serbia and look forward in advance to the games that will be developed at the NTPN.

More information on the application and conditions of the competition.