Somber Echoes, a “love letter” to metroidvania, releases this fall

If time travel were possible, would you choose to go to the past or the future? What if we told you that you could experience both at once? This fall we are expecting the release of Somber Echoes, a new title from Love Games, in which science fiction collides with Greco-Roman mythology!

Lav Games is a development and art outsourcing studio specializing in environment art in the Unreal Engine. One of the games they are currently developing with their own signature is Somber Echoes, where they are responsible for the overall environment art, from the blockout phase to the final polishing.

It’s a 2.5D sci-fi metroidvania that takes place on a Greco-Roman spaceship called Atromitos, and you play as Adrestia, trying to stop her twin Harmonia from unraveling the universe. Through visceral and acrobatic combat, try to rspond to the horror that rages from another dimension, in seven unique visual biomes developed in Unreal Engine 5.

Two teams are behind Somber Echoes: Rock Pocket Games, based in Norway, and Lav Games, closer to us in Belgrade, and the game is published by Bonus Stage. The two studios decided to join forces after many years of cooperation and create a game that represents the culmination of their work but is also what they always wanted to play.

On this occasion, we asked Vuk Banović, the founder and Art Director of Lav Games, to tell us what it’s like to work on this game:

“Developing Somber Echoes is by far the most fun endeavor of my career! We had complete freedom to create a world that, although fictive and set in the future, feels real. We brought Greco-Roman elements to life through environmental storytelling.

The cooperation with Rock Pocket Games is impeccable, because in addition to being absolute professionals with a lot of experience, they are also phenomenal people who are a real pleasure to work with.

As an outsourcing studio we have had the opportunity to contribute to many AA/AAA and indie titles, but creating your own game is really different, an elevated level of satisfaction, as well as the reason for a very nice working atmosphere.

We look forward to the future, as we believe that Somber Echoes will be a real refreshment in the genre and we hope that it will gain the sympathy of many metroidvania fans!”

In order not to miss the announcement of the game’s official release date, don’t forget to add Somber Echoes to your wishlist on Steam!