Showcase your game, win a Premium ticket and a booth at WN Conference!

If you are looking for publishers or investors or you have a game that you want to present to the community - the White Nights conference, which takes place in Belgrade on February 8 and 9, is the right place for that!

Applications for the WN Belgrade’23 showcase are open for all indie teams until January 23rd. If your game is selected for the on-site showcase, you get a booth in the Expo zone, an online page dedicated to your game and one free Premium ticket for your teams representative!

WN Conference continues to explore new territories and invites all world-leading game industry experts to join the event in Belgrade. The core topics that will be covered this February in Serbia include investments, game publishing, talent management, game analytics, and web3 gaming. Also, there will be two networking parties held as part of the event.

About the Serbian gaming industry at the introductory panel

The first day of the conference begins with the panel “Serbian Indies Are Growing Stronger — Here’s Why!!” moderated by Kristina Janković Obućina from SGA, with speakers:

  • Nikola Šoškić, Founder / Game Designer, Shosha Games
  • Igor Simić, CEO and Creative Director, Demagog Studio
  • Vladimir Živković, Co-Owner / Developer, Foxy Voxel
  • Andrea Aleksić – Cofounder, Phobos

At the conference, you can find some of our other members such as:

  • Uroš Banješević, Founder / CCO, Mad Head Games
  • Ljubica Rančić, UI/UX Lead (LiveOps), PLAYSTUDIOS Europe
  • Mirko Topalski, 
  • Nikola Stojanović, Associate UI Art Director, Ubisoft

If you want to visit the WN conference, tickets are available at this link, and if your company is a SGA member, contact kristinajankovic@sga.rs for information about the discounts we have provided.