SGA welcomes new Program Director

Our association has grown at a steady pace, we matured and gathered many companies and partners under the same roof. Being the first Serbian association of this type, and the first in the region, we’re proud and excited to welcome a new team member and ally. Starting this month, our new Program Director is Relja Bobić, co-founder of the creative hub Nova Iskra, where he has worked as a Program Manager and Manager of the International Cooperation Sector for the last eight years.

His knowledge of the ecosystem of arts, culture, and creative industries, both at the regional level and throughout Europe, will provide a key contribution to the SGA in the coming period, when it comes to program development, international cooperation projects and networking, networking with educational institutions in the country and abroad and the development of services that are necessary for both our members and the Serbian gaming community as a whole.

“I am looking forward to a new team challenge with the SGA team, which has already achieved so much in a relatively short period of time. I believe that this base, which is already very well established, can best support the further progress of Serbian gaming companies and the wider community, as well as their international positioning. I am especially looking forward to getting to know in detail the entire gaming ecosystem, which seems to me to be the best possible polygon for creating transdisciplinary collaborations between artists, creatives, engineers and entrepreneurs. I know the people working in this industry are extremely dedicated, and that is a great value and holds a lot of potential”, said Relja.

We wish Relja the warmest of welcomes, and are looking forward to all future projects!

Since 1999 Relja was the author and collaborator on numerous projects in Serbia and abroad, from the domains of contemporary music, art education, visual culture and related fields. He was the initiator and artistic director of the festivals “Dis-patch” (2002-2010) and “+++” (2015). Since 2011, he was the co-founder and a member of the Nova Iskra team, where he was focused on the development of education programs and international cooperation in the fields of art, design, new technologies, entrepreneurship, and creative business. As part of the international activities of Nova Iskra, he was one of the founders of the European Creative Hubs Network.