Playing Narratives: international project combining the arts of comic books and video games

The project is an initiative of the French and Goethe Institutes in Serbia and SGA, with the support of the French-German Cultural Fund, Digital Arrow, Two Desperados, 3lateral as part of Epic Games, Ubisoft Belgrade, and other partners from France, Germany, and Serbia.

It is our great pleasure to announce SGA’s first international education program, including mentoring and project production, which will introduce about 15 participants to the world of creating video games and look for common ground between games and the domain of comics. Their common themes of visual narration, character development, creative writing, “worldbuilding” and many other techniques and methodologies brought us to the main goal of this project: for certain comics to “come to life” and become an interactive medium in the shape of a video game.

The Playing Narratives program is especially intended for comic artists, illustrators, animators, creative writers, as well as those who deal with computer modeling or sound design. In short – everyone who can be a valuable member of the team that develops the concept of a video game, as well as those who want to develop personally and professionally in that direction.

Selected participants will attend lectures and workshops on topics such as video game history, narrative design, visual storytelling, character development, game and level design, game art and animation, but also get acquainted with technical (game engine) and business aspects, related marketing, user acquisition and other topics. In addition, they will work on developing “soft” skills such as team culture or presentation skills.

The general sponsor of the project is the company Digital Arrow from Novi Sad, and in addition to the main partners in the realization, local companies Two Desperados and 3lateral (Part of Epic Games) are also participating as prominent sponsors. Ubisoft Belgrade is also a sponsor of the project. Renowned organizations from Germany (accelerator Spielfabrique) and France (Higher education institution for Video Games and Interactive Digital Media Cnam-ENJMIN) and their lecturers are also involved in the implementation of the project. Our work-space partner is ImpactHUB.