Official partnership between the French Institute in Serbia and SGA announced

Since the end of 2020, SGA has been actively cooperating with the French Institute in Serbia on the joint implementation of relevant educational programs that include experts and lecturers from France, who share their knowledge and experiences with the domestic community and professionals.

The French Institute in Serbia is an integral part of the global network of more than 100 French institutes. Their common mission is to build new relations between France and other countries through culture, education, innovation and knowledge. In Serbia this is done by the French Institute, the successor of the French Cultural Center in Belgrade, with headquarters in Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad.

The French Institute implements projects (independently or in partnerships) in the fields of art, culture, lecturing and promotion of the French language, higher education and research, and is also dedicated to youth, cultural and social innovation, as well as debates on many major contemporary topics.

The official partnership between SGA and FI began in October 2020, during the preparations for the “Digital November” program, a global annual event that deals with various aspects of digital culture. We jointly hosted a workshop by Emanuel Corno on digital narratives for attendees in Belgrade and Nis.

In January this year, a panel “We all play the same game” was co-presented as part of the “Night of Ideas”, dedicated to the gaming industry from a women’s perspective, discussing the issues of gender balanced teams and work place inclusivity.

Catherine Faudry, Attaché for Culture of the French Embassy in Belgrade, stated that “the field of video games in Serbia has great dynamics and directly addresses young people, which is why the French Institute wants to enrich and improve its activities in that field.” Numerous artistic disciplines, such as animation or comics, overlap in video games, in which France and its artists have a very prominent international role. ”

Since March 2021, we continue our cooperation, with the realization of the year-round Playing Narratives project, initiated by the French and Goethe Institutes in Serbia, in cooperation with SGA and prominent comics and gaming partners in France, Germany and Serbia.

SGA wishes a warm welcome to the French Institute to our family of partners and friends! We sincerely look forward to numerous international collaborations between French and Serbian gaming ecosystems and creative industries, as well as a direct exchange of knowledge and expertise between Serbian and French professionals and creatives.