The latest SGA industry report is here!

We couldn’t be more proud that, together with our members and friends, we have once again published a report that, in one place, sums up all the relevant information on the Serbian gaming industry. This way, the Serbian gaming ecosystem gets a valuable resource that outlines in detail the development of the national gaming scene, and the increasing success of our companies, teams, and their games.

As before, we gathered all the data through a detailed questionnaire that our members were kind enough to fill out, but this year we decided to expand the report with additional content. Besides the data that, as we expected, highlights the continuous development of the sector, the report also gives a detailed overview of all the companies, studios, and teams that are our members. Looking at all of their projects and triumphs, it’s clear to see why gaming has been one of the hottest topics in the previous years.

Following these data and portfolio segments of the report, you can find many expert articles that were written by our industry experts, specifically for this publication. These texts cover various topics, from best gaming HR practices to the importance of tech art. We wanted to illustrate all metrics from the beginning of the report with these amazing stories by our most talented industry experts.

In the end, you’ll read all about the ecosystem – and many important milestones and projects that our friends and partners have achieved during 2019.

The report is in English and free to read, so we invite you to share it with your colleagues and everyone else interested in following the development of Serbian gaming. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

The next SGA report, outlining data and updates for 2020, will be ready in spring, 2021.


SGA is now supported by 80 companies, across Serbia. That is 20 companies more compared to the same time last year. They employ close to 2.000 people and as you will see in this updated report, they are leaving a mark on the global scene. From smaller indie studios and their hypercasual hits to big teams working on AAA titles, games and studios from Serbia have been making headlines, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Nikola Čavić, founder and chairman, SGA