Goethe institute, SGA’s latest program partner

The Goethe-Institut, a cultural institution of the Federal Republic of Germany that operates globaly, has become an official partner of the SGA, and the first significant joint project “Playing Narratives” will begin in March 2021.

Goethe-Institut is a German, but also an international organization that supports and promotes the learning of the German language abroad and, what is even more important for us, nurtures international cultural cooperation.

The Belgrade Goethe-Institut is in charge of cultural exchange between Germany and Serbia. It is also part of the regional network of the Goethe-Institut in Southeast Europe, and in that sense it is strongly committed to the realization of regional projects.

The first significant cooperation between the SGA and the Goethe-Institut will be the international project Playing Narratives, which is supported by the German-French Cultural Fund, and initiated through the cooperation between the GI, the SGA and the French Institute in Serbia. Combining comics and gaming, an educational-mentoring program for young authors from Serbia will be organized throughout 2021, but also through activities that will include some of the important partners from the field of gaming who come from Germany, France and Serbia.

Frank Baumann, director of the Goethe-Institut in Belgrade, pointed out that “the Goethe-Institut is in the constant process of reinvention. The main field of action consists of language courses, performances and live art (hopefully again soon) and the concept of “living libraries”. But there is still a lot to do, and the current cooperation with SGA, as well as our French colleagues, profiles our portfolio according to a very relevant topic and a younger audience. “

In the context of cultural policies, the SGA’s international program partners seek to incorporate European perspectives into a narrative largely dominated by Anglo-American actors. In this context, Mr. Bauman points out that “gaming is everywhere, and it must find its place in the agenda of our institute. Serbia, our host country, has a very creative, lively and successful gaming scene. In that sense, SGA helps us to better understand this field and to connect us with key actors, so that we can help partners from Serbia with specific expertise from our country – in mutual interest. ”

SGA welcomes one of the largest European cultural institutions to the community of our partners, friends and members!