Epic Games Campus in Serbia by 2024!

Epic Games and 3Lateral are delighted to share a new milestone in the planning and construction of their upcoming campus in Novi Sad. With the submission of the urban development plan today, the company is providing additional insight into the new research and development hub designed to advance digital humans technologies within Epic Games.

This unique structure will be located in the heart of the University area, on Radnička Street  and will be built alongside green spaces. The campus will be customized to create an inspiring and multidisciplinary workspace base that will support further development of the digital humans technologies – directly contributing to the MetaHuman product family.

The addition of such a center to the gaming ecosystem of Serbia will further strengthen the presence of local talent and their products on the global scene. This is a place where new generations will have the opportunity to learn and be additionally involved in the development of gaming and the most modern technologies.

Nurturing talent is one of the main priorities in the coming period, and anyone who would like to get involved and collaborate with the 3Lateral team can regularly keep track of current opportunities. The entire gaming ecosystem in Serbia primarily rests on the skills and ingenuity of both young talents and seasoned industry veterans.

We will continue to support the local ecosystem and initiatives, while we work together with other Epic Games teams globally. The new campus facilities will drive our team’s engagement in digital humans-related projects, such as Epic’s MetaHuman product line, but it will also enable our team to experiment and expand our engagement across the broader AAA game development pipeline and emerging metaverse technologies and products.”” said Vladimir Mastilović, VP, Digital Humans Technology at Epic Games.

These are conceptual images, representing Epic Games and 3Lateral vision of their Novi Sad Campus. Final appearance of the building – materialization details, lightning, exact measurements and proportion of the elements, greenery selection as well as other elements, are subject to change as a design continues to evolve.

In addition to 3Lateral’s existing efforts to promote education through partnership with Serbian universities, they strongly believe that the physical proximity of the campus to the University of Novi Sad center, as well as an auditorium for knowledge sharing within the campus, will help their continued efforts to bring members of industry and the sciences closer together. As a local Unreal Engine center, they will continue to support prospective projects that utilize the power of Unreal Engine.

Submission of the urban development plan presents an important milestone towards the completion of the Novi Sad Campus as well as team efforts to support the local ecosystem.  Team is looking forward to moving into the campus in 2024, which will be an inspiring space for them to learn, create and innovate. They are excited to expand their local presence and deepen their relationships with creators, researchers and educators interested in Unreal Engine and digital human-related technologies.