Best indie game competition – PlayCon Winter 2021

There are more and more opportunities where local developers can present their projects that will help them in further work on their games. At the third PlayCon gaming conference (PlayCon Winter 2021), Play! team announced a second competition for indie developers, with the goal of supporting the regional gaming and game dev scene.

Organized in cooperation with PlayStudios Europe, the grand finale of the competition will be held on February 26, starting at 13:00, on the stream of the official Play! YouTube channel.

All registered indie teams had the task to compose a video clip and thus present their project. Until the date of the grand finale of the competition, you can watch spotlight video projects of all finalists on the official Play Instagram page and YouTube channel. An entire month with a lot of great content from the regional gaming scene.

Competing for the title of the best indie game:

February 2: Mad Mage Games – Fantasy Engine
February 4: Tricoman Studios – Massa: Origins of Ozgalor
February 08: Dream Team – Signal Alert
February 10: Nothke – Podvarak
February 15: Don Quixote – Rest House 2 – The Wizard
February 17: Black Trumpet Games – Runick
February 19: Crown Games – Bouncy Heroes

During the stream of the grand finale on February 26, you will have the opportunity to watch all the video presentations in one place. Selected jury members vote for the best project. The audience will also have the opportunity to vote during the finals, so don’t forget to support the game you like best. Also, the video with the most views gets an extra vote! The team with the most votes will win a prize of $ 5,000.