40 gaming professionals started the SGA Mentoring program

The second cycle of the SGA mentoring program has officially begun. Forty professionals started a six-month process of exchanging knowledge and experience.

As many as twenty couples made up of employees in the gaming industry of Serbia are part of the current mentoring cycle, initiated by SGA (Serbian Games Association) in cooperation with the organization Kreativno mentorstvo.

Mentors will work with their mentees in the next six months, and in addition to these 1 on 1 meetings, participants will have the opportunity to get to know each other and work on professional and personal development through several structured workshops. This is another way to support the development of the gaming ecosystem. The knowledge acquired by the mentees will serve not only them but also the young teams and development studies to which they will take this knowledge.

On the occasion of the beginning of the cycle, Kristina Janković Obućina, Executive Manager of SGA said: “We are especially proud that the group in this cycle is so diverse. We have mentors from all cities in Serbia, but also Finland and Poland. After succeeding abroad, they want to return that knowledge to Serbia. The experience that is shared is also colorful – the cycle covers various areas in game development, from, of course, art and programming, to QA, marketing, narrative design, etc.”

Mentors come from several domestic gaming companies: Digital Arrow, Playrix RS, Sozap, Nordeus, Peaksel, Ubisoft, GameBiz Consulting, Two Desperados, Webelinx Games, Playstudios Europe, Mad Head Games.