100 Worlds – the first PC game by Peaksel

Peaksel has released its first game for the PC platform called 100 Worlds and the title is available on the Steam platform. We talked to the Peaksel team about the game itself.

100 Worlds (Android, iOS, Steam) is a “room escape” game where players must solve a series of logical puzzles to save the main character from the magic book in which she is trapped. The budget for graphics is 2.5 times bigger than the budget of any competing game in the world, so now they are expecting a response from the market, while players who like an intellectual challenge will decide.

Parallel project development for different platforms always brings with it numerous challenges. Peaksel says that project planning for freemium and premium models is the best approach to the problem in the beginning, and then each phase is done in “branches” for different platforms. Core-gameplay is the same, but the freemium model in relation to the premium carries the whole in-game economy – shop, special offers, live events.

They also emphasize that it is interesting that the intro story on the mobile platform rejects players because they are impatient for the game to start, while PC gamers are disappointed if the intro story is missing.


After 10 years of existence and 500 million players, we asked Peaksel how young people who want to enter the gaming industry can prepare and whether they plan to expand the team.

“The best way to start is to make a game, and before that they have to learn everything they need to know. I don’t think there is a best way, but passionate people always find out how. The expansion of the team is not planned, but we plan to increase the number of development studios with which we cooperate and use the full potential of our publishing team.


Peaksel also provided 10 Steam keys, so the fastest will be able to download 100 Worlds for free right away.

1. XG8Y8-TYHX3-8VE8P
3. 3Z94G-2QRM9-48MNN
5. Q9LW8-8983H-FFARX
7. 37KEZ-85T6W-PCIXA
8. 46HF8-LHIF8-D4V7A
10. ZD4V9-57EG7-VZY5P