This is how you pitch a game proposal – Playing Narratives final

Kristina Janković,
Executive Manager, SGA
The first cycle of the Playing Narratives program brought us five original concepts for new games! After eight months of lectures, teamwork and exercises, five teams had the opportunity to present their ideas to an expert, international jury at the final event on November 26 at the French Institute.

The jury of the Grand Final closing event had a difficult decision, which you will see for yourself when you watch these five presentations. Although the final points were really close for all teams, the Soulbusters team won. The production of a cinematic trailer for their concept of the game Beyond the Gates is underway, in collaboration with the BunkerVFX studio, which will be presented soon.

Enjoy these pitches of the five teams of the Playing Narratives project and pick up some tricks, because we are waiting for the applications for the second, new cycle to open (soon)!

The winning pitch - Beyond The Gates 

The lost soul gets the job of a taxi driver who drives new souls and in just a few minutes he has to find out if the soul deserves a place in heaven or hell in order to atone for his sins from the previous life.

2D, third person, single player, choice-based game by Soulbusters

Jana PopovićDragana Kostić (2D character & concept art), Vladimir Djaković (music & sound), Miloš Markov (narrative & game design)

Inspired by Africa - Onika's Crossing

Onika, an African girl possessed by the vampire Adze, sets out in search of Legba, the god of the crossroads, in order to return to the human world.

Narrative puzzle adventure by Holy Crêpe

Jovan Rakić (concept & 2D art), Savo Lipovina (environment & texture art), Mladen Petronijević (character & 3D art), Alen Duš (music and sound), Miloš Markov (game design), Tatjana Ristić (game design)

For gamers and philosophers - Tower of I'mmor

When a simple, archaic, rusty robot, a legacy of a long-forgotten era, now a pile of metal and a useless “guardian” of an abandoned, enigmatic, mythical and deadly tower in the middle of the desert,  gets a glimpse of lost self-consciousness in an unexpected encounter with a stubborn knight, he, the robot, takes on the epic goal of the deceased knight – the search for the source of eternal life. With the help of his spirit as a guide, he embarks on an adventure inside the magic tower, paved with human sins, learns the concept of life and the meaning of “being alive”, discovering the secrets of the world and those who were “before.”

(Narrative, puzzle, platform) adventure game by Team2Stronk

Ognjen Petrović (creative lead / level), Aleksa Dragišić (3D art / Unreal Engine), Sofija Pašalić (comic book and character/concept art), Srđan Jeremić (music & sound)

Fight for light - Lumin 

Two close friends, a boy and a girl, try to discover what caused the eternal darkness that suddenly loomed over the otherwise prosperous medieval city.

Metroidvania by Five Oars

Ivan LjujićItana Pejović (2D art), Aleksandar Branković (music & sound), Lav MrenovićMihailo Đurić (narrative & game design)

Find yourself - Glimmer 

Help Zoe find the lost parts of her soul and overcome her deepest fears.

Run’n’gun action game by Team 5

Itana Pejović (concept art), Barbara Abdoli (3D modelling), Marija Šumarac (music & sound), Katarina Kovjanić (3D animation), Miloš Petrović (art & 3D textures), Aleksandar Nećakov (narrative & game design)


The eight-month program Playing Narratives is an initiative of the French and Goethe Institutes in Serbia and SGA, with the support of the French-German Cultural Fund.The general sponsor of the project is DigitalArrow from Novi Sad, and in addition to the main partners in the realization, local companies Two Desperados and 3lateral (Part of Epic Games) are also participating as prominent sponsors. UbisoftBelgrade is also a sponsor of the project. Renowned organizations from Germany (accelerator Spielfabrique) and France (Higher education institution for Video Games and Interactive Digital Media Cnam-ENJMIN) and their lecturers are also involved in the implementation of the project. Our work-space partner was ImpactHUB Belgrade.