Space dogs, a house on legs and a fart meter: try all the games created at Unreal Jam

Kristina Janković Obućina,
Executive Manager, SGA
This title cannot be made up. The following is a few words about why it is important to organize Game Jams and a list of games that have been created at this our favorite (and biggest) so far.

This year’s edition of the Unreal Day conference we wanted to extend for Game Jam. The goal was to give teams and individuals a chance to show what they can come up with, as well as execute, using this tool. For this, we gave them 10 days of complete remote work, which additionally enabled us to have teams sign up from any country in the region.

We ended up with 30 registered teams from seven countries and packed them all into one Discord server along with four mentors. The result is a lot of creative work, a lot of nice cooperation and mutual support and even 16 completed games on the theme of “HOME”.



The top 3 teams chosen by the mentors pitched the game live in front of 300 people, and it was awesome! Lots of applause, laughter, a little jitters, my God, of course.

All the games are posted on, and here you can find links to all of them in one place. Nevertheless – we single out the first three places.

(We thank the companies Ebb Software, Euclidean Stidios, Mad Head Games and the Metropolitan University for providing us with Marko, Vanya, Milan and Milan, wonderful mentors who helped where needed, and most of all encouraged. And finally, the studio PackDev Interactive which is really selflessly gifted the winners with assets worth over 7,000 euros!)

Far To Home - 1st place

I mean, I don’t know how to explain this game without it being NSFW 😀 Let’s just say you ate a bad burger, you have a limited amount of time to get home, and every living thing gets in your way. Hordes of generic pedestrians, heavy traffic, traffic lights, road works. The whole map was made especially for the game, and the main mechanic is – a fart meter. I’ll just leave that there. Behind the game are five friends from Banja Luka, who gathered at Kot’o Interactive.

Mobilized Mansion Mayhem - 2nd place

As their presentation begins, go everywhere, come back home. Inspired by Miyazaki’s moving castle and some other iconic games, they created four biomes where your house fights against other houses, wins their upgrades and progresses further. Dynamic, fun and addictive! Behind the game are two friends from Novi Sad, who have gathered in the Utemeljeni team.

Dog's Nest - 3rd place

Somewhere far away in space floats a colorful, organoid planet ruled by space dogs. The mother dog has naughty puppies, she has to take them back to the kennel and feed them. Fun fact: this game has a burger too. Behind the game is a group of friends from Belgrade, who have gathered in the FedDark Games team.