Art and game design as powerful tools for inspiration!

Manja Ćirić,
Lead Artist, Two Desperados
As a company, we have always believed that great teams make great games. This is why we place a lot of focus not only on providing vast opportunities for personal development but also on growing unified and stronger teams.

GAME ART by Manja

When I was starting my career in gaming, I had a vague picture in mind of what game art is about and what are the possibilities of an illustrator in this industry. Over time, Two Desperados had evolved and with it, its visual style. The games had artistically matured and developed. I believe we have created a recognizable and unique style that is flexible enough to improve and perfect, and we are proud of that.

Specific solutions are created based on our needs, we don’t like to fit into a mold. We have self-initiated a specific art program that focuses on learning and skill-building. By creating some time and opportunity for our artists, we can learn, create fictive games and characters, test software and techniques, and use those results to inspire the rest of the team and company.

Art is an excellent motivator and we want to use it to inspire every Desperados and player the same way art inspires us.


Being at Two Desperados from the early beginnings gave me a chance to witness and be a part of the rapid and continuous evolution of the company. Seeing the progress we’ve made so far, not only in game design but other departments as well, has been incredibly motivating and inspiring.

Reaching out to and connecting with experts in various fields made a tremendous impact – mentoring and diverse workshops covering a wide variety of topics helped us expand our knowledge and develop our skills. When it comes to game design we have learned a great deal about different design and brainstorming techniques, our audience, prototyping, various tools we can use, ways to automate certain processes and repetitive tasks…and so much more. The game design we are doing now compared to the one at the beginning is much more complex and data-driven, but we always keep fun and creativity at the core. As passionate gamers, we regularly play and deconstruct numerous games of various genres – it is imperative for us to keep up with the industry trends and other design practices.


Our company has recently made great strides toward developing artificial intelligence. Its advancement will bring major changes in many different aspects, and the way we approach and do game design is going to change as well. I believe this will help elevate our products to a completely new level and open up so many new possibilities for providing the best experience for our players.