SGA online workshop: Financial & UA planning for mobile game devs

with Martin Macmillan (CEO of Pollen VC)

  • December 10th, 2020, 5 PM – 7 PM

In this session, we explore what CFOs need to know about UA, and what UA managers need to know about financial planning. By working together and understanding each other’s worlds, mobile gaming companies can set themselves up for success and the ability to grow in the most efficient way.

This workshop is ideal for you if you are:

A mobile studio founder, smaller game company CEO, big company CFO, a part or the lead of a Finance team, a UA specialist, or a UA team lead.
(In case you have both a Finance and a UA division in-house, we strongly advise both people to attend the workshop together)

What we’ll cover:

  • Defining metrics – and why each is important
    • CAC, LTV, ROAS, Cashflow
  • The intersection of finance and user acquisition
  • UA is an essential part of success
  • Do I have a UA machine?
  • How do I scale my machine?
  • Cash vs P&L
  • Demand economics of UA
  • How to manage credit lines – matching LTV returns to invoicing cycles
  • How to finance growth and development of your company
  • Funding alternatives for growing companies
  • Equity, debt, revenue-based lending
  • Capital stack


This will be a two-hour interactive, practical workshop, hosted online. We will work in a small group, so everyone’s questions and ideas can be addressed. We expect you to chat with other participants and collaborate on a few simple tasks so we can make this a fully interactive learning experience! The working language for this workshop will be English.

How to attend:

You will receive all info on how to join this workshop online in a separate email after you register. Make sure to leave an email address you regularly check.


This workshop is brought to you by SGA (Serbian Games Association). A number of free tickets are reserved for our members. The regular price is 130eur.

IMPORTANT: Group size is limited. Registration will be open until we are at full capacity. 

About Martin Macmillan: Martin is the founder of Pollen VC, the leading provider of debt financing to the app and mobile gaming economy based in London and San Francisco. Pollen VC provides credit facilities linked to accounts receivable (AR) from the app stores and ad networks enabling companies to scale without relying on equity funding. Prior to founding Pollen VC in 2014, Martin founded a music startup that created a remixing app on mobile and an enterprise software company in the financial services sector. He is also a reformed investment banker, having spent 7 years with UBS in London and New York.

This workshop takes place on December 10th, 2020, 5 PM – 7 PM. Registrations are open until we are at full capacity.